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2024-2025 Membership Registration

2024-2025 Registration Details

We are thrilled to announce that we are moving to a new registration system, hosted by Playmetrics! This transition will require you to register your skater on the new system. The link below will lead you to this process.

Returning skaters who fail to complete the registration process by June 30th will be charged a $25 late fee upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is my skater's membership level?

More information about our membership levels and benefits can be found here:

If you are unsure of the appropriate membership level for your skater, please reach out to your coaches or the membership chair.

what fees will i have to pay?

FSCPC members will be assessed the following membership fees during registration:

  1. Club Dues
    • Due immediately upon registration
    • Dues cover up to 75% of the fixed costs of operating the FSCPC.
  2. Club Fees: Volunteer and Fundraising requirements
    • Members must provide a Work and Fundraising Deposit.
    • These fees will only be charged to those members who do not meet their Volunteer and Fundraising requirements by the end of the membership year.
  3. US Figure Skating Association Fees
    • Due immediately upon registration.
    • These fees are determined annually by the USFSA
    • Fees are based on USFSA membership level: First-Family, Subsequent Family, Introductory, Aspire

what if i am brand new to figure skating?

We are thrilled you are excited to skate! Brand new skaters should reach out to Erika Roberts and consider joining the Learn to Skate programs offered through the Park City Ice Arena!

what if I am a newer skater who is ready to join the club?

We are thrilled you are loving skating and ready to join the Figure Skating Club of Park City! Please reach out to Erika Roberts and learn more about our Aspire programming, which will help you bridge from Learn to Skate to our club.

how do I know if I've graduated from the fscpc's aspire program?

If any of the following are true about you or your skater, than congratulations, you have graduated from the aspire program:

  • My skater will not plan to participate in the clubs Monday Aspire/Bunny Hops or Wednesday Low Freestyle programming.
  • My skater will compete freeskate at a level of Preliminary (Excel, Excel Plus or Well-balanced) or above in the upcoming season.
  • My skater will pass their Preliminary skating skills test in the upcoming season.

If you or your skater has graduated from the Aspire program, please plan to register as a returning full club member.

What if I am an experienced skater who is new to the fscpc?

We are thrilled you are interested in joining our club! You have the option to join our club as an Associate member if you have a home club other than the FSCPC. If you plan to make FSCPC your home club and you have previously been a member of another figure skating club, you should plan to join as returning full club member. Please reach out to Erika Roberts or Tiffany McNeil if you haven't done so already so that we can get to know you!

what if i am a returning aspire skater?

Welcome back! If you or your skater is planning to skate in our Aspire programming during the 2024-2025 year and is also eligible for a USFSA Aspire membership, then you will select a Returning Aspire membership during registration. If you have any questions please reach out to Erika Roberts.

what if I am a returning full club member?

Welcome back! You or your skater should plan to register as a returning full club member for the 2024-25 membership year.

Lara Latham

Membership Chair

Erika Roberts

FSCPC Coach Liason, Director of Aspire Programming

Tiffancy McNeil