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May/June 2019 Figure Skating Newsletter

By Erika Roberts, 06/19/19, 6:30AM MDT


Spring show and banquet recap, competition and test results, summer programming, membership renewals

The Figure Skating Club of Park City 2018-2019

2019-2020 Club Membership renewals are due before June 30th!

A $20 late fee goes into effect July 1st. If you are planning to test or compete in July, renew now to avoid a lapse in your membership and remain eligible. NEW this year, a work deposit is required with your membership, refundable upon completion of your volunteer hours.

All summer Freestyle sessions & Off-ice classes are run through Park City Ice Arena

Please make sure your skater has ample punches available on their account to cover the sessions and classes they intend to skate.

Many families have multiple unpaid but already used punch passes on their account. If your account gets too far in arrears then your skater may not be allowed to step on the ice. 

Punch passes can be purchased online and your account balance can also be paid online. 

If you have questions about your account, please contact Jessica at

Summer Skating Academy Classes begin 7/8

Snowplow Sam (Ages 3 -5)
Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, Basic 4 and Basic 5/6 (Ages 5 1/2 and up) and Adult

Not sure what level your skater is? View the Learn To Skate USA Progression chart
Park City Ice Arena utilizes the Learn to Skate USA curriculum. Please register for your Learn to Skate USA membership at Bring us a copy of your membership number so we can add you to our program! 

Skating Academy includes (30 min class, 15 min practice)    
Summer Classes:

Session # 1 - Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30 - 6:15 pm: $50/$57, if within two weeks of class
July 8, 10, 15, 17

Session # 2 - Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30 - 6:15 pm: $50/$57, if within two weeks of class
July 29, 31, August 5, 7

Summer Off-ice Program Schedule

As a reminder, all summer off-ice programs are drop-in only and first-come-first-serve, there is no pre-registration. An off-ice punch pass or drop-in payment is required. Please remember to always check the schedule as the summer schedule tends to fluctuate due to various camps.


Monday and Wednesday Ballet 1-2   9:15-10:15 am - Open to all students who have been enrolled in our classes for the past academic year, including those who took the bridge class this past spring. Students must be at least EIGHT YEARS OLD.

Monday Pre- Ballet (Starting July 8th)  8-9 am  - Open to 5-7 year olds

Wednesday Beginning Ballet 8-9 am - Open to new students with little to no ballet training. Students must be EIGHT YEARS OLD.

Ballet classes are considered full with 15 participants. Sign-ups are first-come-first serve. Skaters being disrespectful or not giving effort may be asked to leave the class.

Summer Off-ice Program Schedule

Day Class Time Class Time Class
Monday Pre-Ballet ages 5-7 (begins 7/8) 8-8:45am Ballet 1&2 9:15-10:15am Off-ice 5:20-6:20pm
Tuesday Strength & Conditioning 9:15-10:15am
Wednesday Beginning Ballet ages 8 & up 8-9am Ballet 1&2 9:15-10:15pm
Thursday Mental Toughness & Jumps 9:15-10:15am
Friday Strength & Conditioning 9:15-10:15am (Through 7/12) 7:45-8:45am (begins 7/19)

Boise Ice Classic Results

Boise, Idaho

April 26-28, 2019

Results for Figure Skating Club of Park City


Junior Ladies Excel: Zoe Hopper 1st, Sophia Domonoske 2nd

Novice Ladies: Andee Lyons 1st

Novice Ladies Excel: Anna Gready 1st

Intermediate Excel: Amelie Stein 3rd

PreJuvenile: Eva Biskup 1st, Camille Sibley 4th

Preliminary A: Autumn Boyd 2nd, Daisy Stone 3rd, Lilia Stein 5th

Short Programs

Novice: Andee Lyons 1st

Open Juvenile: Amelie Stein 1st

Compulsory Moves

Juvenile: Camille Sibley 1st

Preliminary: Daisy Stone 1st


PreJuvenile: Eva Biskup - 3rd

Light Entertainment

PreJuvenile: Camille Sibley 2nd

Preliminary A: Lilia Stein 1st, Autumn Boyd 2nd

Preliminary B: Daisy Stone 3rd

Dramatic Entertainment

PreJuvenile: Eva Biskup 1st

Preliminary A: Autumn Boyd 3rd, Lilia Stein 4th


Preliminary: Autumn Boyd and Lilia Stein - 1st

Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational Results 2019

Ann Arbor, Michigan

May 16-19, 2019

Freeskate Finals

Novice: Brynn Roberts 1st

Intermediate: Hannah Baldwin 2nd, Maddie Stinson 9th


Novice: Brynn Roberts 1st

Intermediate Group B: Hannah Baldwin 2nd

Intermediate Group C: Maddie Stinson 6 2nd

Qualifying Freeskate

Intermediate Group B: Hannah Baldwin 2nd

Intermediate Group C: Maddie Stinson 2nd

Seattle Icefest Competition Results 2019

May 30-June 1, 2019

Seattle, WA


Novice: Andee Lyons 2nd

Intermediate: Hannah Baldwin 4th, Nathalie Seckinger 6th, Chloe Taurel 9th, Maddie Stinson 11th

Juvenile Girls: Kate Pressgrove 8th, Rachel Seckinger 12th

Juvenile Boys: Trevor Meeboer 1st


Novice: Andee Lyons 2nd

Intermediate: Hannah Baldwin 5th, Nathalie Seckinger 6th, Chloe Taurel 8th, Maddie Stinson 11th

Juvenile Girls: Kate Pressgrove 8th, Rachel Seckinger 12th

Juvenile Boys: Trevor Meeboer 1st

Short Programs

Junior: Sophia Domonoske 5th

Novice: Andee Lyons 3rd

Intermediate Championship: Hannah Baldwin 1st, Nathalie Seckinger 7th, Chloe Taurel 9th, Maddie Stinson 12th

Open Juvenile: Hadley Miles 1st

Juvenile Girls: Rachel Seckinger 3rd, Kate Pressgrove 6th

Juvenile Boys: Trevor Meeboer 1st

Qualifying Rounds

Intermediate Group A:

Nathalie Seckinger 5th*

Intermediate Group B: Hannah Baldwin 2nd*, Maddie Stinson 4th*, Chloe Taurel 7th*

Championship Masters Pairs: Erin Krentz & Chris Obzansky 1st

*Qualified for final rounds


Pre-Bronze Pattern Dances

Cha cha: Hadley Miles 2nd

Fiesta tango: Hadley Miles 5th

Overall Hadley Miles 3rd

Juvenile Solo Combined

Ten Fox: Hadley Miles 4th

Juvenile Free Dance: Hadley Miles 2nd

Overall: Hadley Miles 3rd

Gold Pattern Dances

Argentine Tango: Sophia Domonoske 2nd

Viennese Waltz: Sophia Domonoske 3rd

Gold Pattern: Sophia Domonoske 3rd

Senior Combined Dance

Senior Short Dance: Sophia Domonoske 2nd

Senior Free Dance: Sophia Domonoske 2nd

Senior Combined: Sophia Domonoske 2nd  

Skatefest Results 2019

June 6-8, 2019

West Valley City, Utah

Free Skate

Basic 4 Group A:  Katie Patel 4th

Basic 6 Group A: Ryder Williford 4th, Anastyn Knight 5th, Edith McGowan Freer 7th

Basic 6 Group B:  Kenzington Brady 3rd

Free Skate 1:  Madison Lampert 2nd, Isla Eastman 5th

Free Skate 3 Group A:  Sean Meeboer 1st

Excel Beginner:  Sosie Sheffert 1st

Excel Pre-Juvenile Plus:  Emma Beghein 2nd

Excel Pre-Preliminary:  Ollie Mathews 1st

No Test Freeskate:  Cat Greenberg - 6th

PrePre Group A:  Scout Witt - 5th, Zoey Ayers - 6th

PrePre Group B:  Darya McGill - 3rd, Maddie Simonsen - 6th

Preliminary Freeskate Group A:  Lilia Stein - 1st, Autumn Boyd - 2nd, Abigail Ploof - 4th, Daisy Stone - 5th

PreJuvenile Girls Freeskate:  Eva Biskup - 1st, Awstyn Knight - 3rd, Camille Sibley - 6th, Stella Greenberg - 8th

Intermediate Free Skate:  Maddie Stinson 3rd, Chloe Taurel 5th

Novice Free Skate:  Brynn Roberts 1st, Andee Lyons 2nd

Short program

Intermediate Ladies short program:  Chloe Taurel 3rd, Maddie Stinson 5th

Novice Ladies short program:  Brynn Roberts 1st, Andee Lyons 3rd

Spins & Jumps

Pre-Juvenile Spins:  Emma Beghein 3rd

Pre-Juvenile Jumps:  Emma Beghein 1st


Showcase Light

Basic 1-6:  Anastyn Knight 1st, Katie Patel 2nd

No-Test:  Cat Greenberg 2nd

Pre-preliminary:  Scout Witt 1st

Preliminary:  Autumn Boyd 4th

Pre-Juvenile:  Awstyn Knight 1st, Camille Sibley 2nd

Preliminary Interpretive: Lilia Stein 2nd, Abi Ploof 4th

Pre-Preliminary Interpretive: Zoey Ayers 3rd

Showcase Duets

Juvenile:  Awstyn Knight & Trevor Meeboer 1st

Preliminary:  Autumn Boyd & Lilia Stein 1st

Pre FS-Free Skate 6:  Anastyn Knight & Sean Meeboer 1st

No Test Dramatic:  Cat Greenberg 1st

Masters Dramatic:  Meredith Hall 1st

Preliminary Dramatic Group A:  Lilia Stein 3rd, Autumn Boyd 5th, Abi Ploof 7th

PreJuvenile Dramatic Showcase:  Eva Biskup 1st, Awstyn Knight 3rd, Stella Greenberg 4th

Solo Ice Dance

Preliminary PD

Canasta Tango:  Vanessa Bradfield 3rd

Rhythm Blues:  Vanessa Bradfield 1st

Overall:  Vanessa Bradfield 1st

Pre-Bronze PD

Cha Cha:  Hadley Miles 6th, Cheri Hendrix-Albertson 9th, Sophie Flint 10th

Fiesta Tango:  Hadley Miles 7th, Sophie Flint 8th, Cheri Hendrix-Albertson 10th

Overall:  Hadley Miles 7th, Sophie Flint 9th, Cheri Hendrix-Albertson 10th

Pre-Silver PD

Foxtrot:  Annika Futch - 3rd

European:  Annika Futch 3rd

Overall:  Annika Futch 3rd

Juvenile Combined

Ten Fox:  Hadley Miles 7th, Sophie Flint 9th

Juvenile Free Dance:  Sophie Flint 5th, Hadley Miles 6th

Combined Overall:  Sophie Flint 7th, Hadley Miles 8th

Intermediate Combined

14 Step:  Annika Futch 3rd

Intermediate Free Dance:  Annika Futch 4th

Intermediate Combined:  Annika Futch 4th

Preliminary PD - Rhythm Blues:  Vanessa Bradfield - 1st

Preliminary PD Combined:  Vanessa Bradfield - 1st

Pre-Bronze PD - Fiesta Tango:  Hadley Miles - 7th, Cheri Hendrix Albertson -10th

Pre-Bronze PD Combined:  Hadley Miles - 7th, Cheri Hendrix Albertson - 10th, Pre-Bronze

Shadow Dance:

Pre-Bronze:  Cheri Hendrix-Albertson & Sophie Flint 2nd

US Figure Skating Excel National Festival & Series Final

June 6-9, 2019

Coral Springs, Florida

Junior Excel: Zoe Hopper 3rd, Sophia Domonoske 10th

Novice Excel: Anna Gready 7th

Intermediate Excel: Amelie Stein 15th

Pre-Juvenile Plus: Elsa Futch 7th


Big congratulations to Junior Ladies Bronze Medalist, Zoe Hopper!!

May & June Tests Passed

May 14th & 18th, 2019

Murray Silver Blades FSC

Pre-Preliminary Moves- Ollie Mathews 
Pre-Preliminary Free Skate- Sophia Mondschein, Scout Witt
Junior Free Skate- Sophia Domonoske                                                    Juvenile Moves- Darya McGill
Intermediate Moves  - Awstyn Knight

June 9th, 2019

Centennial Park FSC

Pre-preliminary Free Skate- Zoey Ayers
Pre-Juvenile Moves- Daisy Stone
Juvenile Moves- Emma Beghein, Autumn Boyd, Cheri Hendrix-Albertson, Lilia Stein
Intermediate Moves- Stella Greenberg
Intermediate Free Skate- Annika Futch
Junior Moves- Annika Futch
Willow Waltz- Nathalie Seckinger, Maddie Stinson
Ten Fox- Nathalie Seckinger, Maddie Stinson
Hickory Hoedown- Maddie Stinson
Bronze Dance Test- Nathalie Seckinger, Maddie Stinson

2019 FSCPC Spring Banquet

2018-2019 Axel Roses

2019 YSA Circle of Excellence Award winners

2018-2019 Double Axel Rose

2019 Sectional & National Competitors

2018-2019 DEVO

2018-2019 Gold Medalists

2018-2019 FSCPC Coaching staff

2018-2019 Park City Icing

Spring show - "Road Trip on Ice" 2019

Thank you to our directors, Haley, Tiffany, Erika and Giselle, our Show Chair, Emily Boyd and all of the parents, volunteers and coaches who made this year's spring show a success! What a blast!

Renew your Intermountain Interclub membership and save $$ on testing!

Our club is a member club of Intermountain Interclub which oversees the calendar for test sessions and competitions throughout the year. IIA also manages test sessions for the clubs and sends email communications about upcoming events, shows, competitions, and test sessions. Stay informed and save money on tests by renewing (or joining) IIA. Membership fees are $10 per year and save you $10-$15 PER TEST at IIA test sessions.


Mark your calendars and save the date for the Intermountain Interclub Association's Professional Skaters Association(PSA) Seminar for coaches, judges AND skaters on August 24 & 25 at the Utah Olympic Oval. We are so excited to announce that our presenter will be, National, international, world and Olympic coach, Doug Haw!