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Virtual Live Zoom Classes - March 29th through April 10th

By Erika Roberts, 03/28/21, 3:30PM MDT


Virtual Live ZOOM classes

Hello athletes and parents! Although the weather is warming up, it's still unpredictable so it is imperative for the athletes to maintain their off-ice training. Our skaters are athletes first and training is training!

Can you believe we are still zooming and supporting athletes around the country and the world with our virtual training classes?! What a crazy time for all of us! We are so grateful for the support we have received from athletes, coaches and parents across the globe! THANK YOU!

Please encourage your skaters to attend - this is a great way for our athletes to stay motivated and connected to our skating community. Make sure you double check the live schedule as some classes have been cancelled to low attendance. As a reminder, skaters do NOT need to be a member of the Figure Skating Club of Park City, ALL skaters (and parents & coaches) are welcome!

**please note that many class times have changed and several classes have been cancelled for this week. please refer to the weekly and daily schedules for up to date class offerings.**



ZOOM ID & Payment Information:

If you would like to take any of our virtual classes:

  1.  Please send a Venmo or PayPal ($5.00) to the instructor at least 15 minutes before the class.
  2. The instructor will comment on your payment (Venmo) or email you back (PayPal) with the Zoom ID & Password. Please make sure your Venmo account is set to private for security purposes.
  3. If you need to contact any of our instructors please refer to their contact information under Instructor Contact & Payment Information.

Questions, concerns or comments can be directed to Erika Roberts at