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March/April 2021 Figure Skating News

By Erika Roberts, 04/19/21, 10:30AM MDT


Competition & Test results, Spring Show info, Summer camps, Rink closure, Covid updates, Championship Series, Intensive Clinics

Park City Ice Arena Updates

Summer Figure Skating Camps - High Performance, Basic Skating & Aspire

For the High Performance camp, a few spots remain for the Juvenile & up group. Space is available for the Pre-Juvenile and below group. The camp Add-on is sold out. 

Registration is now open for our Basic Skating Camp & our Aspire Camps - June 28th- July 2nd, 2021.

Masks no longer required while Skating

Masks are required up until taking the ice and upon exiting the ice sheet. Masks on the ice sheet and player’s benches are encouraged but not required. This includes coaches, instructors and participants in classes, camps and leagues. Although masks are no longer required while exercising, we continue to highly encourage and support individuals who choose to wear a mask while exercising.
While this is a big change, Summit County continues to be in a Moderate Transmission Index. Please continue to be extremely vigilant monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19 and maintaining good hygiene. Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or who are under quarantine are not permitted to enter the Ice Arena.

Off-ice Classes are BACK!

Registration for off-ice classes can be found under day camps. Enrollment numbers are capped at 24. For the spring, the schedule will be as follows:

Mondays 2:15-3:15pm

Fridays 7:45-8:45am

Saturdays 9:15-10:15am

Park City Ice Arena Closure - August -September

Park City Ice Arena will be closing for 6 weeks in August and early September for maintenance. The ice will be taken out for concrete repairs and repainting, an every 5 years occurrence. Please plan accordingly.

Figure Skating Club Updates

We need volunteers for the Show!

Sign up for Volunteer hours here

This may be one of your last opportunities to meet your 20 hours of service to the club!

Purchase tickets & buy an ad for the Livestream

Tell your skater how proud you are with an ad during the Livestream of the spring show!

Purchase live tickets and the link to the Livestream of the Saturday performance. As of now, we are not limited as to how many spectators are allowed in the audience.

The Registration "" is not currently available.

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Updated Rehearsal Schedule for the Spring Show

Regular Rehearsals:
Wednesdays - 4/21 3:45-5:15pm-
3:45-4:45pm - Good Guys Group 1 & 2, Bad Guys, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Lumiere

4:15-5:15pm - Snow White, Anna, Alice, Aladdin group (Jasmine/Aladdin, Genie, Abu), Sebastian Step-out

4:15-5:15pm Fairy Trio, Step Sister Duet, Beauty & the Beast (Lumiere step out, Cogsworth & Fifi duet)

Thursdays - 4/22 4:15-6:15pm

4:15-4:45pm - Opening/Closing - ALL CLUB CAST MEMBERS (including Aspire/Dwarves)

4:45-5:30pm - Dwarves (Aspire)

4:45-6:15pm - Aurora, Cinderella, Elsa, Maleficent, Evil Queen, Gaston, Tiana, Ursula, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jafar, Mulan, Belle, Cruella, Lumiere

5:15-6:15pm - Student Body Groups 1 & 2 & 3, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Lumiere

Technical Rehearsal - Wednesday 4/28 3:45-5:15pm - ALL CLUB MEMBERS INCLUDING ASPIRE (DWARVES)


Performances - Warm-up times will be TBD
Friday 4/30 7pm- FULL CAST
Saturday 5/1 4pm- FULL CAST

Denver InvitationalĀ Results

Denver Invitational 
March 11-13, 2021
Highlands Ranch, CO



PreJuvenile Light Group A
Luca Mishurda 2nd

Preliminary Light Group A
Dashiell Williams 1st
Madison Lampert 2nd

Pre Preliminary Light Group A
Katelyn Tuttle 1st

Pre Preliminary Light Group B
Kenzington Brady 1st

Juvenile Light
Awstyn Knight 2nd
Autumn Boyd 4th


Pre Juvenile Dramatic 
Sosie Sheffert 1st
Luca Mishurda 3rd
Darya McGill 5th

Juvenile Dramatic
Louie Mallane 1st
Awstyn Knight 2nd


Pre Preliminary Duet Showcase
Kenzington Brady/Katelyn Tuttle 1st

Preliminary Duet Showcase
Madison Lampert / Dashiell Williams 1st

Cheri Hendrix 1st
Chloé Taurel 3rd

Hadley Miles 1st

Intermediate Combined
Hadley Miles 1st
Chloé Taurel 2nd
Cheri Hendrix 4th

Juvenile Boys
Louie Mallane 2nd

Juvenile Girls
Autumn Boyd 3rd
Awstyn Knight 4th

Intermediate Ladies
Sam Shuflit 2nd
Kate Pressgrove 3rd
Eva Biskup 8th
Ava Aversano 10th

Novice Ladies
Hannah Baldwin 2nd
Morgan Heavrin 3rd

Junior Ladies
Brynn Roberts 3rd
Andee Lyons 4th
Chloé Taurel 5th

Pre-Preliminary Excel 
Katelyn Tuttle 2nd

Pre-Preliminary Girls Group A
Kenzington Brady 2nd

Preliminary Boys
Dash Williams 2nd

Preliminary Girls
Madison Lampert 5th

Pre-Juvenile Girls Group A
Sosie Sheffert 1st

Pre-Juvenile Girls Group B
Luca Mishurda 1st

Juvenile Girls
Awstyn Knight 10th
Autumn Boyd 11th

Juvenile Boys
Trevor Meeboer 2nd
Louie Mallane 4th
Ollie Mathews 5th

Intermediate Ladies
Kate Pressgrove 2nd
Sam Shuflit 5th
Eva Biskup 7th
Ava Aversano 8th

Novice ladies
Morgan Heavrin 1st
Hannah Baldwin 2nd 

Junior Ladies 
Andee Lyons 2nd
Brynn Roberts 3rd 
Chloé Taurel 4th

Welcome to Coach Stephanie's new baby, Charlie!

Congratulations to coach Stephanie and family on the safe and healthy arrival of sweet baby Charlie Arbor Greenwood! Baby Charlie arrived on March 9th and weighed 7 lb 7 oz.

Welcome to Coach Chris's new baby, Nova!

Congratulations to coach Chris and his wife, Hilary on their newest addition! Welcome to sweet Nova Vee who arrived April 2nd.

Welcome to Coach Kylee's new bundle of joy!

Kylee and her husband, Neil on the arrival of their baby girl! Sage Marlene Richards was born on April 16, 2021 at 9:02 am 6 lbs 8 oz 20 inches.

March & April Test Results

Oval FSC - February 28, 2021

Edith McGowan Freer - Pre-Juvenile Moves

Denver Invitational - March 14, 2021

Intermediate Free Skate- Eva Biskup

Junior Free Skate- Andee Lyons, Brynn Roberts, Chloé Taurel

Peaks FSC - April 15 & 17, 2021

Pre-Preliminary Free Skate- Ryder Williford

Pre-Juvenile Moves- Ryder Williford

Intermediate Moves- Scarlett Brinton, Molly Grace Galvin, Ollie Mathews, Sosie Sheffert

Intermediate Free Skate, Junior Moves- Camille Sibley

Novice Moves- Autumn Boyd, Cheri Hendrix

Reach for the Peaks Results

Reach for the Peaks
Provo, UT
April 16-17, 2021

Juvenile Boys Short
Louie Mallane 1st

Juvenile Girls Short
Awstyn Knight 1st

Intermediate Ladies Short
Kate Pressgrove 1st
Sam Shuflit 2nd
Eva Biskup 3rd
Ava Aversano 5th

Junior Ladies short
Andee Lyons 1st

Juvenile Jumps
Louie Mallane 1st

Pre-Juvenile Jumps
Sosie Sheffert 1st

Pre-Preliminary Spins
Katelyn Tuttle 1st 
Ryder Williford 2nd

Preliminary Spins
Dash Williams 1st

Pre-Juvenile Spins 
Sosie Sheffert 1st

Juvenile Spins
Louie Mallane  1st

Intermediate Spins
Sam Shuflit 1st

Basic 2
Adaline Bohman (Park City Skating Academy) 3rd

Basic 3 
Aria McNeil (Park City Skating Academy) 3rd

Basic 4 Group A
Caroline Holden  1st

Basic 4 Group B
Lucy Reynolds 4th

Basic 5 
Abraham McGowan Freer 1st

Basic 6
Neva Buckey 2nd

Snowplow Sam
Helen McGowan Freer (Park City Skating Academy) 1st

Free Skate 5
Violet Hawkins 2nd

Free Skate 6
Katie Patel 1st

No test
Harlow Verbaas 1st

Ryder Williford 2nd
Katelyn Tuttle 3rd
Edith McGowan Freer 6th

Preliminary Boys
Dash Williams 1st

Preliminary Girls
Madison Lampert 1st
Kenzington Brady 2nd

Pre-Juvenile Girls
Sosie Sheffert 2nd

Juvenile Boys
Louie Mallane 1st

Juvenile Girls
Awstyn Knight 1st

Intermediate Ladies
Kate Pressgrove 1st
Sam Shuflit 2nd
Ava Aversano 3rd
Eva Biskup 4th

Junior Ladies
Andee Lyons 1st


PreJuvenile Dramatic 
Sosie Sheffert 1st

Pre Preliminary Character Showcase
Katelyn Tuttle 1st

Preliminary Character Showcase
Madison Lampert 1st
Kenzington Brady 3rd

Juvenile Character Showcase
Awstyn Knight 2nd

Freeskate 6 Duets
Katie Patel/Violet Hawkins 1st

Preliminary Duets
Kenzington Brady/Katelyn Tuttle 1st
Madison Lampert/Dashiell Williams 2nd

Juvenile Duets
Awstyn Knight/Autumn Boyd 1st

Freeskate 6 Comedic Showcase
Violet Hawkins 2nd

Preliminary Comedic Showcase
Dashiell Williams 1st

PreJuvenile Comedic Showcase
Molly Galvin 1st

Juvenile Comedic Showcase
Awstyn Knight 1st

Preliminary-PreJuvenile Interpretive 
Dashiell Williams 1st
Madison Lampert 3rd

Juvenile-Novice Interpretative
Eva Biskup 2nd
Sam Shuflit 3rd
Awstyn Knight 4th
Kate Pressgrove 5th

FSCPC Participating Skaters

Juvenile/Intermediate Boys - Louie Mallane, Trevor Meeboer, Ollie Mathews

Juvenile/Intermediate Ladies- Ava Aversano, Autumn Boyd, Awstyn Knight, Kate Pressgrove, Sam Shuflit

Novice Ladies - Hannah Baldwin, Morgan Heavrin, Andee Lyons, Brynn Roberts

Senior Ladies - Sarah Lyle Riding

Congratulations to all our Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice & Senior level athletes who competed in the 2021 USFS Championship Series Virtual Events!

So much hard work and dedication went into preparing for the Championship series virtual events. We are so very proud of all of our participating athletes.

A huge congratulations to 3 of our Novice ladies who have qualified for the 2021 National Development Team and will travel to Nashville, Tennessee at the end of August for the National Development Team Camp. Congratulations to their coaching teams as well! We are so honored to have 3 athletes represent our club on the National Development Team.

Morgan Heavrin

Andee Lyons

Brynn Roberts

USFS announces the 2021-2022 Qualifying Season

US Figure Skating has announced the plans for the 2021-2022 Qualifying season. All information for singles, pairs, ice dance, adult, and Synchronized skating can be found here.

For the solo dance series, the Excel series & National Showcase, information can be found here.  For specific questions regarding how these changes affect your athlete, please contact your coach.

Spring Intensive Clinics offered by The Strategic Method

Intensive Clinics at Park City Ice Arena with The Strategic Method Coaching Team

  • Friday, April 23rd 12:15-3:15
  • Friday, May 14th 12:15-3:15
  • Cost is $50 per intensive clinic. 
  • Clinic fees include: ice time, off ice class, and on ice group lessons. It’s just over $16 an hour for ice and lessons.
  • Email if you are interested in having your skater participate.