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Spring 2022 Figure Skating Newsletter

By Erika Roberts, 03/31/22, 11:30AM MDT



Park City Ice Arena Updates

Have questions or concerns? Here are the answers on where to go!

Skating Academy can be stars in "GREASE on ICE" too!

Spring Break Figure Skating Schedule - NOTE CHANGES DUE TO PARK CITY SPRING BREAK

April 4-7: Normal schedule & normal FSC club ice

April 8th: Freestyle 5:30-7:30am; NO OFF-ICE

April 9th: Freestyle 8-9am only; NO CLUB ICE; NO OFF-ICE

April 11th: Freestyle 5:30-9:30am; Freestyle 3:30-5:30pm; NO CLUB ICE/NO ASPIRE PROGRAM

April 12th: Freestyle 5:30-9:30am; NO DANCE @ THE MARC

April 13th: Freestyle 5:30-9:30am; Freestyle 3:45-5:45pm; NO CLUB ICE, NO LOW FREESTYLE PROGRAM

April 14th: Freestyle 5:30-9:30am

April 15th: Freestyle 5:30-7:30am; NO OFF-ICE

April 16th: Freestyle 7-10am; NO CLUB ICE; NO OFF-ICE


Summer is coming fast!

The tentative figure skating schedule for summer will vary from week to week based on the various camps and clinics that call Park City Ice Arena home. This is tentatively what you can expect.

Mondays: 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice; 3:15-5:15pm Freestyle

Tuesdays: 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice

Wednesdays: 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice; 3:15-5:15pm Freestyle

Thursdays: 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice

Fridays: 5:30-7:30am; 7:45-8:45am Off-ice

Saturdays: 7-10am Freestyle

Figure Skating Club Updates

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Polina Edmunds Spin to Win Clinic April 29 & 30 - Registration is Open!





GREEN (Basic Skills) One foot spins, Sit spins, Camel Spins and new variations. Basic 4 & higher. 15 FRIDAY 4/29 3:30-4:30 on ice spins with Polina Edmunds 4:45-5:45 off ice spins with PC Coaches 5:50-6:30 stretching with Polina Edmunds off ice
YELLOW (No Test - Preliminary) All basic spin positions on the forward and back foot. Have started combination spins. Video submission required if not coach approved. 15 FRIDAY 4/29 3:30-4:30 off ice spins with PC Coaches 4:45-5:45 on ice with Polina Edmunds 5:50-6:30 stretching with Polina Edmunds off ice.
ORANGE (Pre-Juvenile-Intermediate) 2 different level 3 or 4 spins. Having a good understanding of IJS. Video submission required if not coach approved. 15 SATURDAY 4/30 11:00-12:00  lecture 12:15-2:00 on ice with Polina Edmunds 2:15-3:00 stretching with Polina Edmunds
RED (Novice- Senior) Must be able to complete 3 spins of a different nature at a level 4. Same as competition rules. Video submission required if not coach approved. 15 SATURDAY 4/30 9:15-10:00 stretching with Polina Edmunds off ice 10:15-12:00 on ice with Polina Edmunds 12:15-1:15  lecture

spring show rehearsals begin after spring break on 4/21


The detailed full rehearsal schedule will be sent to all cast members early next week. Please have ALL the below dates marked in your calendars as all rehearsals are MANDATORY!

  • Regular Rehearsals
    • Thursday, April 21 4:15-6:45pm
    • Monday, April 25th 4:30-6:15pm - PICTURE DAY!
    • Thursday, April 28th 4:15-6:45pm
    • Monday, May 2nd 4:30-6:15p
  • TECHNICAL REHEARSAL - Wednesday 5/4 3:45-5:15pm
  • DRESS REHEARSAL - Thursday 5/5  4:15-6:45pm
    • Friday 5/6 - School Show 9:30am & 7pm
    • Saturday 5/7 -  4pm


Ticket sales link coming soon!

Congratulations to our Park City High School Figure Skating Team!

The 2022 Park City High School Figure Skating team! We are so proud to have these skaters representing our club. Congratulations again on your 1st and 2nd place finishes in the Intermediate and High divisions of the Team Maneuvers event! Results from their recently submitted Artistic competition coming soon!

The 2022 High School Team: Zoey Ayers, Hannah Baldwin, Scarlett Brinton, Molly Grace Galvin, Andee Lyons, Hadley Miles, Kate Pressgrove, Brynn Roberts, Camille Sibley, Chloe Taurel, & Alyssa Thornsbury.

The Park City High School Team was named of 9 high school teams  to receive the Dorothy Tank Team Spirit Award! Congratulations!

Congratulations to our Newest Gold Medalists!

Chloe Taurel is now a DOUBLE Gold Medalist after passing her Senior Free Skate!

Brynn Roberts is now at TRIPLE Gold Medalist after passing her Gold Dance  Test!

Chloe Taurel - Senior Free Skate passed

Brynn Roberts - Gold Dance Test passed

Congratulations to Erin & Chris - 2022 Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Champions!

We wish Erin and Chris the best of luck at the 2022 US Adult National Championships in Newark, Delaware! Skate great!

Congratulations to Kate Pressgrove- Mabel Fairbanks Award Winner!

Congratulations to Kate Pressgrove, the winner of the 2022 Mabel Fairbanks Skatingly Yours Fund's developmental athlete award!

Hoping to carry on the legacy of strong Black women who make a difference in figure skating, Pressgrove won both of her 2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series presented by Toyota competitions with her ultimate goal being to qualify for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games.


Dress code is formal this year! Yay for dressing up!

Slide show pictures for the Spring Banquet

The junior board will be working on the slideshow for our Spring Banquet. 

 PLEASE send photos from the 2021-2022 competition season (June 2021 through May 2022) to Kate Pressgrove at Photos can be of skaters skating, hanging out, on the podium, getting ready…anything! 

Olympic Parade This Friday 4/1!

Drop Off Info:

Drop off will be at the Wasatch Brewpub parking lot at the top of Main St (250 Main St). Skaters must be there by 4:30pm. The easiest drop off would be using Marsac and dropping off on top of China bridge. If you arrive early there should be parking available there, or take public transportation from the high school.  This is going to be a packed event so plan to be early.

Look for our club banner and wear club attire or Team USA/Olympic gear. Skating dresses encouraged too!

Additional Info: 

  • Parade begins at 5pm and ends at the bottom of Main St.

  • 5:45 Olympians and Paralympians will be honored on stage

  • 6-7 concert, autographs, bbq food and beer garden. Bring items to sign if you want autographs!

  • Setting a meeting point is a good idea to meet at the end of the parade.

  • Parents of younger skaters are welcome to walk in the parade. Many of our older skaters/Junior Board will be there and will be available to pair up with younger skaters if parents are meeting at the end.

Questions? Email Aleisha Verbaas at

Skate the Summit 2022 - May 15th

This event will be a Basic Skills competition through Preliminary Free Skate as well as a critique for Pre-Juvenile through Senior free skate.

Registration will open soon.

Denver InvitationalĀ Results

March 10-13, 2022

Free Skate

Preliminary - Katelyn Tuttle 3rd

Pre-Juvenile - Kenzington Brady 5th

Juvenile Girls - Autumn Boyd 1st

Juvenile Excel Plus - Scout Witt 1st

Intermediate Excel Plus - Awstyn Knight 1st, Alyssa Thornsbury 2nd

Novice Ladies - Eva Biskup 8th

Senior Ladies Excel - Chloe Taurel 1st

Solo Ice Dance

Silver Pattern - Chloe Taurel 1st

Pre-Gold Pattern - Hadley Miles 1st

Junior Combined -Chloe Taurel- Rhythm Dance 1st, Free Dance 3rd, Overall 2nd Hadley Miles - Rhythm Dance 3rd, Free Dance 2nd, Overall 3rd

Senior Combined - Grace Boezinger - Rhythm Dance 2nd, Free Dance 2nd, Overall 2nd


Intermediate - Awstyn Knight 9th

Novice - Eva Biskup 2nd


Emotional Preliminary-Pre-Juvenile - Kenzington Brady 1st

Emotional Intermediate Young Adult - Awstyn Knight 1st

Preliminary Character - Katelyn Tuttle 1st

Pre-Juvenile Character - Kenzington Brady 1st

Intermediate- Novice Character - Awstyn Knight 1st


Juvenile/Open Juvenile Spins - Autumn Boyd 1st

Intermediate Jumps - Autumn Boyd 2nd

Preliminary Spins - Katelyn Tuttle 1st

Pre-Juvenile Jumps - Katelyn Tuttle 3rd

Oval Spring Challenge Results

March 19, 2022

Free Skate

Snowplow Sam

Cara Bishop (Park City Skating Academy) 1st

Basic 3

Deets Bishop 1st

Basic 4 Group A

Nori Holden 1st

Basic 5 Group A

Nadia Burlacu 2nd

Basic 6 Group A

Aria McNeil 4th

Free Skate 1 Group A

Lucy Reynolds 4th

Free Skate 1 Group B

Caroline Holden 3rd


Katie Patel 5th


Ryder Williford 1st


Character Performance Basic 1-6

Aria McNeil 2nd

Character Performance Pre FS-No-test

Lucy Reynolds 4th

January through March Test Results

Congratulations to our athletes who passed tests in the last few months.

Virtually - February 

Novice Moves - Scout Witt

Denver Invitational - March

Senior Free Skate- Chloe Taurel

Novice Free Skate- Eva Biskup

Intermediate Free Skate- Awstyn Knight, Alyssa Thornsbury

Juvenile Free Skate- Scout Witt


Oval FSC - March 

Intermediate Moves- Katelyn Tuttle

Novice Moves- Ollie Mathews, Sosie Sheffert

Junior Moves- Louie Mallane, Luca Mishurda

Junior Free Dance- Chloe Taurel, Hadley Miles

Juvenile Free Skate - Molly Grace Galvin

Intermediate Free Skate- Scarlett Brinton

Novice Free Dance - Cheri Hendrix

Intermediate Free Dance- Evelyn Jones (associate member)

Westminster Waltz, Argentine Tango, Gold Dance Test- Brynn Roberts

Pass Doble- Hadley Miles

Rocker Foxtrot - Hannah Baldwin, Scarlett Brinton

American Waltz- Cheri Hendrix

European Waltz, Foxtrot, Pre-Silver Dance Test- Dimitrii Jones (associate member), Evelyn Jones (associate member)

Fiesta Tango, Cha Cha- Molly Grace Galvin

Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Preliminary Dance Test- Alyssa Thornsbury

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