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September 2022 Figure Skating Newsletter

By Erika Roberts, 09/28/22, 10:45AM MDT


Competition & Test Results, Fall general meeting, Jans Winter Welcome, Circle of Excellence, Sectionals Send-off, Halloween Spirit Week, Halloween Carnival

Park City Ice Arena Updates

Have questions or concerns? Here are the answers on where to go!

Register for our Fall Adult Clinics here

Skating moms and dads, this would be fun for you to learn how to skate!

Figure Skating Club Updates

Want $50 Towards Club Programming? Attend the Annual Fall Meeting!


This year, in addition to sharing a lot of important information (both for returning and new skaters), we will be voting on important proposed revisions to the Club Bylaws.  Please access this link for the summary of changes.  

Everyone in attendance will be put in a drawing for a $50 credit towards club programming!

Agenda items include:

  • Fundraising and Volunteering
  • "How To" information (website navigation, volunteer Dibs, etc)
  • Club Policies
  • USFSA SkateSafe Updates 
  • Bylaws Vote

A virtual option will be available, however we encourage in person attendance if at all possible.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!  

It's Jans Winter Welcome CRUNCH time!! SELL! SELL! SELL!

WE ARE IN THE FINAL WEEKS FOR AUCTION DONATIONS!!  ALL donations must be submitted by Friday, October 7th.  100% of proceeds raised from the donations we bring in come directly back to the Figure Skating Club of Park City. These funds are used to offset the cost of club programming so that we, as families, ultimately pay less.

There are 3 ways you can help:

  1. We are looking for gift certificates to local businesses and goods or services donations.  Reach out to restaurants, service providers, shop/store contacts, etc. that you enjoy in town and ask for a donation.  
  2. Help hit the streets or make phone calls over the next week to solicit donations.  You will earn volunteer hours for your time as well.  Sign up for JWW Volunteer Dibs here.
  3. We are also still looking for an additional high value item such as airfare (sky miles, flight certificates), timeshares, vacation properties or a local business experience.  Please contact Angie Lampert at if you have any ideas that can help with this.

**Any auction items secured will go toward your skater’s $100 fundraising requirement and rewards.

Check the club website here for more information on submitting silent auction donations.


This week’s JWW Opportunity Drawing Ticket top sellers are Brynn Roberts (13), Sam Shuflit(12),  Hannah Baldwin (8), Katie Patel (7), and Kate Pressgrove (7).


All this information and much, much more can be found on the club website.  Just go to the club homepage and click on the JWW tab.

Thank you all so much for your support!!

National Solo Dance Final Results

Santa Clarita, CA
September 8-11, 2022

Pattern Dance
Dimi Jones (associate member) 1st
Chase Rohner (associate member) 10th
Evie Jones (associate member) 11th

Hadley Miles 11th

Combined Events
Dimi Jones (associate member) 5th
Evie Jones (associate member) 11th

Chloe Taurel 12th
Hadley Miles 14th

Grace Boezinger 14th

Oktoberfest Results

September 15-17, 2022
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Basic Skills
Basic 2
Charlotte Bohman 2nd

Basic 4
Mille Siano 1st

Basic 6 Group B 
Zaylee Jones 5th
Adaline Bohman 6th

Pre FS Group B
Alyssa Simonsen 3rd

Free Skate 1 Group A
Aria McNeil 4th

Free Skate 1 Group D
Campbell Voorhees 2nd

Free Skate 2 Group A
Abbie Young 2nd

Free Skate 6
Rylan Williams 1st

Short Program
Juvenile Boys
Dash Williams 1st

Juvenile Girls
Autumn Boyd 1st
Sosie Sheffert 2nd

Intermediate Women
Kate Pressgrove 1st
Sam Shuflit 2nd
Luca Mishurda 3rd
Awstyn Knight 7th

Novice Women
Camille Sibley 3rd

Senior Women
Brynn Roberts 1st

High School Skating Team
Park City High School Intermediate Team 1st

Park City High School High Team 1st

Free Skate
Adult Bronze
Sarah Reichel 2nd

Pre-Preliminary Excel
Violet Hawkins 2nd

Pre-Preliminary Boys
Zacheri Wayman 2nd

Pre-Preliminary Girls
Katie Patel 2nd
Harlow Verbaas 5th

Ryder Williford 3rd

Katelyn Tuttle 2nd
Kenzington Brady 3rd

Juvenile Boys
Dash Williams 1st

Juvenile Girls
Autumn Boyd 1st
Sosie Sheffert 2nd

Intermediate Men
Trevor Meeboer 1st

Intermediate Women
Sam Shuflit 1st
Kate Pressgrove 2nd
Luca Mishurda 4th
Awstyn Knight 7th

Novice Women
Camille Sibley 3rd

Senior Women
Brynn Roberts 1st

Pre FS- FS 6 Light Entertainment 
Aria McNeil 6th

No-Test Character 
Rylan Williams 1st

Pre Preliminary Character 
Katie Patel 2nd
Violet Hawkins 3rd
Harlow Verbaas 4th

Preliminary Character
Ryder Williford 2nd

Pre Juvenile Character
Katelyn Tuttle 1st
Kenzington Brady 2nd

Intermediate Character
Awstyn Knight 1st

Pre-Juvenile Emotional
Kenzington Brady 3rd

Juvenile Emotional 
Dash Williams 1st

Intermediate Emotional
Awstyn Knight 3rd

Pasadena Open- NQS & Colorado Springs Invitational Results

Pasadena Open Championships
Pasadena, CA
September 15-18, 2022

Juvenile Boys
Louie Mallane 1st

Colorado Springs Invitational 
Monument, Colorado
September 9-11, 2022

Juvenile Boys
Louie Mallane 1st

Austin Autumn Classic Results - NQS

September 22-25, 2022
Cedar Park, TX

Juvenile Girls Group A
Autumn Boyd 5th

Juvenile Girls Group B
Sosie Sheffert 4th

Juvenile Boys
Louie Mallane 3rd
Dash Williams 5th

Intermediate Men
Trevor Meeboer 2nd

Intermediate Women Group A
Kate Pressgrove 1st

Intermediate Women Group B
Sam Shuflit 1st
Luca Mishurda 9th
Awstyn Knight 21st

Junior Women
Hannah Baldwin 11th

Senior Women
Brynn Roberts 4th

National Qualifying Series Central Pacific Regional Results

(Results determined by National Qualifying Series scores)

Senior Women
*Brynn Roberts 2nd

Junior Women
Hannah Baldwin 5th

Novice Women
Eva Biskup 9th
Camille Sibley 12th

Intermediate Men
*Trevor Meeboer 3rd

Intermediate Women
*Sam Shuflit 1st
*Kate Pressgrove 2nd
Luca Mishurda 10th
Awstyn Knight 19th
Zoey Ayers 22nd

Juvenile Boys
*Louie Mallane 1st
*Dash Williams 3rd
*Ollie Mathews 4th

Juvenile Girls 
*Sosie Sheffert 1st
Autumn Boyd 5th

Pacific Coast Ice Dance results 
(Results determined by National Qualifying Series scores)

Intermediate Dance
**Sam Shuflit & Dimi Jones (associate member) 2nd

* Qualified for the Pacific Coast Sectional Final

**Qualified for the US Ice Dance Final

Central Pacific Regional Medalists & Pacific Coast Dance Medalists

Youth Sports Alliance Champion Award Winners

Circle of Excellence Champion Award winners

FSCPC Circle of Excellence Award winners & nominees

Hadley Miles - Showstopper Nominee, Chloe Taurel - Leadership Scholarship winner, Brynn Roberts - Breakthrough Performance Scholarship winner

Hadley Miles - Showstopper Nominee, Chloe Taurel - Leadership Scholarship winner, Brynn Roberts - Breakthrough Performance Scholarship winner

Circle of Excellence All-Star Award winners

Volunteer photographer for our club photo & bulletin board pics?

Is photography your hobby? Have a knack for taking pictures? We are looking for a volunteer to take our members photos in the next month or so for the bulletin board in the rink lobby. We are also planning to take a full club photo in the coming weeks. Are you interested? Reach out to Sarah Mallane at

Start planning your outfits and get ready to show your club spirit! This will be a blast!

save the date!

The invitations will be sent later this week but we have 8 skaters and 1 dance team so far who have qualified for the Pacific Coast Sectional Final and the US Ice Dance Final. AMAZING!

Squadlocker - FSCPC team gear

We can always add additional items so if there is something specific you are looking for, please email Erika at

Is anyone interested in taking over FSCPC swag? This is a great volunteer job!

Save the Date - IIA test session at FSCPC

Mark your calendars for our Intermountain Interclub US Figure Skating test session on October 21 & 22. Talk to your coach to see if your skater will be ready to test!


SAVE THE DATE! The Junior Board is planning a super fun Halloween Carnival for Saturday, October 29th at Park City Ice Arena.

Mark your Calendars for our annual Holiday Extravaganza!

Our Holiday Extravaganza will be Friday, December 16th at 6pm followed immediately by a Cosmic Skate. Stay tuned for details. Sign ups will open in November and music selections are first-come first-serve.