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July 2024 Figure Skating Newsletter

By Erika Roberts, 07/03/24, 10:00AM MDT


Competition & Test Results, Ice Arena schedule updates, Upcoming events

Summer Basic Skating Camps with a group for our Aspire members!

Space still available in our Developmental Figure Skating Camp for Aspire members!

reminder to always check the rink calendar online!

The schedule in the summer, but especially in July is always all over the place, so always remember to double check the online schedule!

July Figure Skating Schedule Updates

4th of July – Rink Closed

Friday, July 5th – 7:45-8:45am Off-ice; 9:15am-12:15pm Freestyle

Saturday, July 6th – 7-10am Freestyle

Week of July 8th – Rose Series Tournament

Monday, July 8th – 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Freestyle; 10:30-11:30am Off-ice; 3-5pm Freestyle

Tuesday, July 9th - 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Freestyle; 10:30-11:30am Off-ice

Wednesday, July 10th - 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Freestyle; 10:30-11:30am Off-ice

Thursday, July 11th – 5:45-7:45am; 8-9am Off-ice

Friday, July 12th – 5:45-7:45am Freestyle; 8-9am Off-ice

Saturday, July 13th – 5:45-7:45am Freestyle

Week of July 15th-20th - Rocky Mountain Hockey School

Monday, July 15th – 5:45-8:15am Freestyle; 8:30-9:30am Off-ice; 12-1pm Freestyle

Tuesday, July 16th - 5:45-8:15am Freestyle; 8:30-9:30am Off-ice; 12-1pm Freestyle

Wednesday, July 17th - 5:45-8:15am Freestyle; 8:30-9:30am Off-ice; 12-1pm Freestyle

Thursday, July 18th – 5:45-8:15am Freestyle; 8:30-9:30am Off-ice; 12-1pm Freestyle

Friday, July 19th – 5:45-8:15am Freestyle; 8:30-9:30am Off-ice

Saturday, July 20th – 6-9am Freestyle

Week of July 22nd-27th- Sharks Elite Camp

Monday, July 22nd – 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice; 3:30-5:30pm Freestyle

Tuesday, July 23rd - 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice

Wednesday, July 24th - 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice; 4-5pm Freestyle

Thursday, July 25th – 6-9am Freestyle; 9:15-10:15am Off-ice

Friday, July 26th – 5:30-7:30am Freestyle; 7:45-8:45a, Off-ice

Saturday, July 27th – 7-10am Freestyle

Park City Ice Arena Updates

Have questions or concerns? Here are the answers on where to go!

Figure Skating Club Updates

Best wishes to coach Willy!

Coach Willy is off to explore new adventures in Seattle! While he wasn't with us long, he made quite an impact. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors! Thanks for the memories!

Skatefest Tests passed

Maddie Simonsen - Bronze Skating Skills

Zacheri Wayman- Pre-Silver Skating Skills

Mat Penafiel - Pre-Silver Singles/Intermediate Free Skate

FSCPC tests passed

Congratulations to our athletes who passed tests in June! A huge shout out to those kiddos who passed their very first test!

Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills- Katelyn Andrews, Adaline Bohman, Ferris Judd, Dayna Knowles, Anika Kuziemko-Wolters, Polina Marienko, Phalen Mayeux, Henri Nelmark, Brynn Peterson, Marco Refuerzo

Pre-Preliminary Singles- Zaylee Jones

Preliminary Skating Skills- Nadia Burlacu, Zaylee Jones, Campbell Voorhees

Congratulations to our athletes who qualified for and attended the US Figure Skating Jump On It Camp!

Autumn, Sophia, Madison, Trevor, Luca, Alex, Ryder, and Dash as well as coaches Tiffany and Katie had a blast learning and growing alongside this country's top coaches.

Thank you Park City Ice Arena for hosting great High Performance camp!

PCIA Camp Coaches

Exhibition day

Club spirit day

Anything but a water bottle day

Beach Day

Skatefest Results

West Valley City, UT

June 5-8, 2024

Basic Skills

Basic 2

Zoe Patel 4th

Basic 3 Group A

Grace Hill 2nd

Basic 5

Violet Casserly 2nd

Basic 6 Group A

Charlotte Bohman 3rd

Amelia Leifson 4th

Basic 6 Group B

Isabelle Knepper 1st


Aspire 2 Boys

Henri Nelmark 2nd

Aspire 1 Group C

Brynn Peterson 1st

Aspire 2 Group A

Anika Kuziemko Wolters 2nd

Polina Marinenko 4th

Aspire 2 Group B

Katelyn Andrews 2nd

Aspire 4 Group A

Zaylee Jones 2nd


Basic 1-6 Emotional

Amelia Leifson 1st

Aspire 1-4 Lyrical Pop

Zaylee Jones 2nd

Dayna Knowles 3rd

Beginner Character

Katelyn Andrews 1st

Pre-Preliminary Character

Campbell Voorhees 2nd

Pre-Preliminary Emotional

Campbell Voorhees 4th

Pre-Preliminary Lyrical Pop

Abbie Young 1st

Pre-Juvenile Comedic

Zacheri Wayman 1st

Juvenile Character

Ryder Williford 1st

Short Program


Ryder Williford 4th

Intermediate Men

Dash Williams 1st

Mat Penafiel 4th

Intermediate Women

Madison Lampert 1st

Autumn Boyd 4th

Kensington Brady 9th

Novice Men

Trevor Meeboer

Novice Women

Sophia Gloskowski 1st

Sosie Sheffert 2nd

Luca Mishurda 3rd

Awstyn Knight 5th

Free Skate

Pre-Preliminary Excel Group B

Campbell Voorhees 5th

Excel Preliminary Plus Group A

Violet Hawkins 3rd

Excel Preliminary Plus Group B

Elise Bratcher 3rd

Excel Pre-Juvenile Plus Group A

Katie Patel 1st

Excel Intermediate Plus

Kenzington Brady 1st

Excel Novice

Awstyn Knight 1st

Pre-Preliminary Group A

Abbie Young 1st

Preliminary Girls

Morgan Isenberg 2nd

Pre-Juvenile Boys

Zacheri Wayman 1st

Juvenile Girls

Ryder Williford 6th

Maddie Penafiel 9th

Intermediate Men

Dash Williams 1st

Mat Penafiel 3rd

Alex Peace 4th

Intermediate Women

Autumn Boyd 2nd

Madison Lampert 5th

Novice Men

Trevor Meeboer 1st

Novice Women

Sophia Gloskowski 1st

Luca Mishurda 4th

Solo Dance

Preliminary Pattern

Violet Hawkins 3rd

Harlow Verbaas 4th

Preliminary Shadow

Violet Hawkins & Harlow Verbaas 2nd

Juvenile Combined

Katie Patel 2nd

Senior Combined

Sophia Domonoske 4th

Broadmoor Open Results

June 26-28th
Colorado Springs, CO
Pre-Juvenile Spins Group A
Zacheri Wayman 1st
Juvenile Spins Group A
Ryder Williford 4th
Intermediate Spins Group A
Madison Lampert 3rd
Dash Williams 4th
Pre-Juvenile Jumps
Zacheri Wayman 1st
Juvenile Showcase
Ryder Williford 1st
Juvenile Girls 
Ryder Williford 5th
Intermediate Women Group A
Autumn Boyd 1st
Intermediate Women Group B
Madison Lampert 3rd
Intermediate Men 
Dash Williams 3rd
Alex Peace 7th
Novice Men 
Trevor Meeboer 2nd
Novice Ladies 
Sophia Gloskowski 3rd
Sosie Sheffert 7th
Luca Mishurda 19th
Juvenile Girls 
Ryder Williford 6th
Intermediate Women Group B
Autumn Boyd 2nd
Madison Lampert 4th
Intermediate Men 
Dash Williams 3rd
Alex Peace 5th
Novice Men 
Trevor Meeboer 2nd
Novice Ladies 
Sophia Gloskowski 1st
Sosie Sheffert 6th
Madison Lampert 3rd Final Round $50
Dash Williams 2nd Final Round $75
Autumn Boyd 8th Initial round

we need you! Have a skill set or talent to share? Get your volunteer hours done! Join a commitee!

FUNdraising - seek sponsors, secure auction items for Jan’s Winter Welcome, promotion

Scholarship - Grant writing, community relationships

Test - Secure judges, obtain sanctions, establish registration, reserve ice, secure volunteers, etc. 

Competition - Secure judges, obtain sanctions, establish registration, reserve ice, awards, secure volunteers, etc. 

Holiday Show - collaborate with show directors, help with concessions, decorate, ticketing and marketing

Banquet Planning - venue, meals, decor, pricing 

Spring Show - Liaise with show directors, assist during tryouts, coordinate costumes, props, photos, decorate, concessions, VIP, marketing, ticket sales, etc. 

Skater Recognition & Sunshine - plan send-offs, order jackets, maintain hall of fame, support skaters during times of need 

Club Ice Monitor Lead - Communicate required positions to volunteer coordinator to open Dibs, ensure coverage and train volunteers as Club Ice Monitors

Volunteer Coordinator - Work with committees and chairs to enter available Dibs into the online system, monitor Dibs status for annual compliance, communicate with members 

Reach out to Liz Williams at (313)938-5400 if you are interested in volunteering for one of the committees or committee chairs.

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