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July 2017 Figure Skating Newsletter

By Erika Roberts, 06/29/17, 11:00AM MDT


Competition and test results, Banquet awards recap, summer group classes, Kori Ade classes.

Membership Registration & Renewal

Membership registration and renewal is open!  We are excited about the 2017-2018 year!  New this membership year is digital music cards starting July 1st - no more CDs!  Members must renew membership in order to get their music keycards.  There is a $20 late fee after July 1st for returning members.

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Confused about membership options?  Bridge and Full Memberships explained here.

The Registration "" is not currently available.


Kori Ade and several 7K athletes are heading to Park City July 1 & 2!

Kori Ade, World and Olympic coach and several of her athletes will be heading to Park City to train and visit July 1 & 2. The cost for each class is $100 ($200 for the 1 hour off-ice class) and will be divided by the number of skaters who participate and invoiced after.  The schedule will be:

Saturday, July 1st

  • 7-7:30am         High Spins 
  • 7:30-8am         Double Axels 
  • 8-8:30am         Triples 
  • 8:30-9am         Flying Spins 
  • 9-9:30am         Low Spins 
  • 9:30-10am       Double Jumps 
  • 10-10:30am     Single Axels 
  • 10:30-11am     Single Jumps 
  • 11:15-12:15pm Off-ice TAPS (Total Athlete Performance Seminar) 

Sunday, July 2nd

  • 8-8:30am         High Edges
  • 8:30-9am         Combo Jumps 
  • 9-9:30am         Low Edges 
  • 9:30-10am       Double Jumps

Register for our Exhibition on Saturday, July 1st!

Park City Ice Arena offers our athletes another great opportunity to skate your competition program for an audience! Join us at Park City Ice Arena Saturday, July 1st from 5-6:30pm for a summer figure skating exhibition. All ages and levels welcome. Please register by Saturday morning so a schedule can be created.

You can register online using the link above, stopping by the front desk at the ice arena or by calling the ice arena front desk at (435) 615-5707.


Our digital music system has arrived and will be installed very soon.   In order to have an easy transition, you will be given your digital keycard ahead of time by Erika or Tiffany. 

Only skaters who have renewed their FSCPC membership are eligible to receive keycards. 

Create Your RinkMusic Account

Once you have a physical keycard in your possession, you will need to create a RinkMusic account using the number on the keycard. You can then upload all your music. 

Summer Skating Programs & Schedules


Mondays 4:15-6:05pm 
6/19, 7/10, 7/17, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14, 8/21 (no class 6/26, 7/3, 7/24)
This summer-long program is for skaters Basic 4 through low Free skate levels. This Monday program includes: 30-minute lesson, 30-minute practice, 45-minute Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement class.


Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm
6/21, 7/5, 7/12,  7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9 (no class 6/28)
This summer-long program is for skaters interested in learning more about synchronized skating, improving their team and individual skating skills. Skaters should be able to forward and backward crossovers, 3-turns and mohawks comfortably.


Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:15pm
All Skating Academy classes include five (5) on ice lessons with weekly practice time. Skate rental is included.  Students will also receive a Skating Academy punch card on their account for five (5) public skate sessions with skate rental.
Early Summer: 7/5, 7/10, 7/12, 7/17, and 7/19
Late Summer: 7/26, 7/31, 8/2, 8/7, and 8/9

Register for Park City Ice Arena Summer Programs
Developmental FS program, Synchro Skills, and Skating Academy!


(except for camp weeks)

MON 6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am; 3:15-4:15pm; 4:15-5:15pm (w/ class)
TUES 6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am
WED 6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am; 3:15-4:15pm; 4:15-5:15pm (w/ class)
THURS 6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am

7:45-8:45am; 8:45-9:45am; 9:45-10:15am HIIT

(High Intensity Intervals); 3:15-4:15pm; 4:15-5:15pm

SAT 7-8am; 8-9am; 9-10am
SUN 3:30-4:30pm

(except for camp weeks)


9:15-10:15am Ballet 1 & 2 with Joanne (requires instructor approval)

5:25-6:10pm Pre-Ballet/Ballet 1 with Joanne

TUES 9:15-10:15am Strength & Conditioning with Giselle

9:15-10:15am Ballet 2 with Joanne (requires instructor approval)

10:15-11:15am Ballet 1 with Joanne

THURS 9:15-10:15am Strength & Conditioning with Giselle

6:30-7:30am  Off-ice class



5:30-6am High Power Edges w/ Chris $10 6-6:30am Movement w/ Stephanie $5 5:30-6am High Power Edges w/Chris $10 6-6:30am Movement w/ Steph/Lili $5 6:30-7am High Power Edges w/ Chris $10
7:30-8am 1A/2S w/ Trina $10 7:30-8am 1A/2S w/ Trina $10
8-8:30am Pre-Pre Moves w/ Haley $ divided 8-8:30am Movement Low w/ Steph/Lili $5 7:45-8:15am 2A w/ Kinsley $ divided
8:30-9am Pre Moves w/ Haley $ divided 8:15-8:45am Triples w/ Kinsley $ divided 9:30-10am Low Edges w/ Chris $10
8:40-9am Pre-Juv/Int w/ Tiffany $ divided 8:40-9am Pre-Juv/Int w/ Tiffany $ divided 8:40-9am Pre-Juv/Int w/ Tiffany $ divided 8:40-9am Pre-Juv/Int w/ Tiffany $ divided
3:15-3:45pm No-test/Pre spins w/ Tiffany $5 3:15-3:45pm No-test/Pre spins w/ Tiffany $5 3:15-3:45pm No-test/Pre spins w/ Tiffany $5
3:45-4:15pm Pre Dance w/ Chris $10
4:45-5:15pm Pre-Bronze Dance w Chris $10

*Please note that these classes are offered by the individual coaches and they are NOT club or rink affiliated. All invoicing and payment will be handled by the coaches directly. All questions or concerns regarding these classes should be directed to the individual coaches. Please note that classes will be offered on the weeks when the schedule is regular and there are no camps. 

Congratulations to skaters passing tests in West Valley on June 8 & 9!

Preliminary Moves- Nick Johnstone

Pre-Juvenile Free Skate- Madeleine Darling, Annika Futch

Pre-Juvenile Moves- Awstyn Knight, Anya Pushka

Juvenile Moves- Elsa Futch

Willow Waltz-Chase Erhard, Daisy Erhard

Hickory Hoedown- Chase Erhard, Daisy Erhard

Intermediate Free Skate- Sam Bray, Brynn Roberts

Figure Skating Club of Park City success at Skate Fest in West Valley June 9-10!

Free Skate events

Basic 1/2
Madison Lampert 2nd

Basic 3
Sean Meeboer 1st

Basic 6th
Cat Greenberg 3rd

Freeskate 1
Abi Ploof 3rd

Freeskate 2
Arianna Seay 1st

Freeskate 3 Group A
Zoe McCarthy 1st
Meskele Allison 2nd
Lilia Stein 3rd
Autumn Boyd 4th

Freeskate 3 Group B
Daisy Stone 4th

Non test Group A
Trevor Meeboer 3rd

No test Group B
Camille Sibley 4th

Preliminary group A
Kate Pressgrove 3rd

Intermediate Short group A
Morgan Heavrin 3rd
Nathalie Seckinger 4th

High beginner spins
Lilia Stein 1st

Showcase Dramatic

Freeskate 1-6 Group A
Autumn Boyd 1st
Meskele Allison 2nd
Lilia stein 3rd
Teagan Grady 4th

No test 
Trevor Meeboer 1st

Awstyn knight 2nd

Kate Pressgrove 1st

Light Entertainment Showcase

Freeskate 1-6 Group A
Arianna Seay 1st
Lilia Stein 2nd
Autumn Boyd 3rd

Freeskate 1-6 Group B
Teagan Grady 2nd
Meskele Allison 3rd

Trevor Meeboer 3rd

Rachel Seckinger 1st
Awstyn knight 2nd

Kate Pressgrove 1st

Hannah Baldwin 2nd

Showcase Duets

Freeskate 1-6
Lilia Stein and Autumn Boyd 1st

Trevor Meeboer and Awstyn Knight 1st

Free Skate

Pre-Preliminary Group A
Rachel Seckinger 1st
Eva Biskup 2nd
Stella Greenberg 4th
Awstyn Knight 5th

Pre-Preliminary Group B
Brynn McCarty 3rd
Amelie Stein 4th

Pre-Preliminary Group C
Delaney McCarthy 1st

Pre-Juvenile Group A
Hannah Baldwin 3rd
Madeleine Darling 5th
Chloe Taurel 6th

Juvenile Group A
Maddie Stinson 2nd
Morgan Heavrin 3rd
Nathalie Seckinger 4th

Juvenile Group B
Andee Lyons 1st
Anna Gready 3rd

Zoe Hopper 2nd

Congratulations to athletes who competed at Seattle Icefest June 2 & 3!

Intermediate Ladies short program Group A

Sam Bray 1st
Hailey Hultberg 3rd

Intermediate Ladies short program Group B

Anna Gready 10th

Juvenile girls Free Skate Group A

Anna Gready 5th

Intermediate Ladies Free Skate Group A

Sam Bray 1st

Intermediate Ladies Free Skate Group B

Hailey Hultberg 5th

Congratulations to Phia Domonoske on her performances at the All Year Open in LA on June 2!

  • Novice Solo Pattern Dance 4th place
  • Novice Solo Combined Dance 5th

Awesome showing at the Broadmoor Open in Colorado Springs June 21-24!

*Advances to Final Round

Sophia Domonoske

Silver Pattern Dance- 1st
Tango - 1st
Rocker Foxtrot- 1st
Novice Combined Event Pattern Dance- 2nd

Free Skate Qualifying Rounds
Juvenile Group A
Maddie Stinson 5th

Juvenile Group B
Andee Lyons 8th*
Morgan Heavrin 9th
Hadley Miles 14th

Juvenile Group C
Nathalie Seckinger 6th

Intermediate Group A
Brynn Roberts 6th*
Molly McNamara 10th

Intermediate Group B
Sam Bray 2nd*
Sophia Domonoske 11th

Intermediate Group C
Zoe Hopper 8th

Junior Group B
Emma Tang 10th

Novice Solo Dance Combined Event- Free Dance 
Sophia Domonoske 2nd 
Sophia Domonoske 2nd


Short Program ONLY
Intermediate Group A
Zoe Hopper 5th
Sophia Domonoske 8th

Intermediate Group B
Molly McNamara 9th

Intermediate Group C
Sam Bray 1st

Intermediate Group D
Brynn Roberts 2nd

Junior Group A
Emma Tang 10th

Pre-Preliminary Group D
Camille Sibley 3rd

Pre-Juvenile Group B
Amelie Stein 5th

Juvenile Group B
Andee Lyons 3rd

Juvenile Group C
Maddie Stinson 4th

Juvenile Group D
Hadley Miles 2nd

Intermediate Group A
Sam Bray 1st

Intermediate Group B
Sophia Domonoske 3rd
Molly McNamara 5th

Intermediate Group C
Brynn Roberts 1st

Intermediate Group D
Zoe Hopper 2nd

Pre-Preliminary Light Group A
Amelie Stein 1st

Pre-Preliminary Light Group B
Rachel Seckinger 1st

Pre-Preliminary Dramatic
Amelie Stein 1st

Short Program
Juvenile Group A
Andee Lyons 5th
Maddie Stinson 7th

Juvenile Group B
Nathalie Seckinger 5th
Hadley Miles 10th

Juvenile Group C
Morgan Heavrin 6th

Intermediate Final Short Program
Sam Bray 11th
Brynn Roberts 12th

Pre-Preliminary Group B
Camille Sibley 6th

Juvenile Group C
Hadley Miles 3rd
Maddie Stinson 4th

Intermediate Group A
Sophia Domonoske 2nd

Intermediate Group B
Zoe Hopper 1st

Intermediate Group C
Molly McNamara 1st

Free Skate:
No-test Group A
Camille Sibley 4th

Pre-Preliminary Group A
Rachel Seckinger 5th

Pre-Preliminary Group B
Amelie Stein 4th

Juvenile Girls Final Round
Andee Lyons 3rd
Intermediate Final Free Skate
Sam Bray 6th
Brynn Roberts 11th

Intermediate Final Result
Sam Bray 5th
Brynn Roberts 13th

Spring Awards Banquet

What an awesome end of season spring awards banquet! Thank you to our amazing coaches, parents, volunteers and of course, athletes for a fantastic season! Kudos to Taylor Knight, Val Lyons and Tiffany McNeil for organizing such a great event!

Congratulations to all of our Axel Rose and Double Axel Rose Club inductees and our award winners!

Skaters are nominated for Club Awards by the FSCPC coaching staff and go through several tiers of voting.

Outstanding Park City Icing Team Member:

Pre-Juvenile Team member- Vanessa Bradfield
Open Juvenile Team member- Brynn McCarthy

Outstanding Skater Awards:

Basic Skills- Awstyn Knight
Low Test- Annika Futch & Chloe Taurel
High Test- Sam Bray & Brynn Roberts

Volunteer- Taylor Knight & Lisa Stein

Spirit Award- Zoe Hopper

Hardest Worker/Most Improved- Andee Lyons

Gold Medalists- Morgan Heavrin, Brynn Roberts, Haley Smith, & Emma Tang

Youth Sports Alliance Circle of Excellence Nominees: COE Champion and All-Star awards are result-based and represent the top 5% of athletes in our club. The nominees are determined by a point-based system using competition results June 1st-May 31th. Awards will be presented at the YSA Circle of Excellence ceremony at Newpark in August.

Champion (national success)- Sam Bray
All-Star (local/regional success)- Annika Futch, Zoe Hopper, Andee Lyons, & Brynn Roberts
Showstopper Nominee - Sam Bray- Landed 4 clean double axels in sectional and national competition, leading her to the most successful season of any FSCPC athlete in our club's short history.
Leadership Nominee- Brynn Roberts & Amelie Stein- As co-founders of their business, Ice Bunnies Fuzzy Ear Warmers, the girls generously donated 35% of their profits, $600, toward the purchase of the club's new show curtain.


The Preliminary synchro team still has a couple of spots open on the 2017-2018 team. If you have a skater between the ages of 6 and 12 who has passed or is working on Pre-Preliminary moves and might be interested please email to schedule a private try-out. Team events begin in July and we are excited to travel to Witchita for Synchro sectionals and Anaheim!


Adult skater and FSCPC member, Midge Farkas has generously donated the funds to purchase the new mirrors located rink side at Park City Ice Arena. Now our athletes have easy access to the mirrors to aid in correcting errors and helping with choreography! If you see Midge at the rink, be sure to tell her "thank you"!


Giselle Gorder recently completed her intense personal training course and passed the certification exam with flying colors. She is now a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer! Congratulations, Giselle and lucky us!

Giselle runs the Park City Ice Arena's strength and conditioning program. Utilizing her figure skating knowledge, she has created a comprehensive, sport-specific training program for our athletes. In addition to the group classes, Giselle is also available for private or semi-private training sessions at the ice arena, in your home or outside! Parents, she can help you too!

Contact Giselle directly at to set up a session for your skater or they can participate in her group classes at Park City Ice Arena on Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer from 9:15-10:15am. Skaters need an off-ice punch pass or can pay per session at the ice arena front desk.