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June 2018 Figure Skating News

By Erika Roberts, 05/31/18, 2:30PM MDT


competition and test results, banquet recap, summer information, membership renewals

The Figure Skating Club of Park City 2017-2018

Park City Ice Arena will be closed June 3rd-6th for maintenance

Please note that Park City Ice Arena will be closed for maintenance June 3rd through the morning of June 6th. We will reopen at 4:15pm on Wednesday June 6th for freestyle.

Ice time is available at Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake Sports Complex and Murray during our closure.

Summer Camp Theme days

Monday: Black Out Day

Tuesday: Fancy Pants Day

Wednesday: Dress day! (w

ear a skating dress)

Thursday: Purple & Orange Day

Friday: Club Spirit Day

Off-ice Schedule

Monday              Ballet 

Tuesday             Strength & Conditioning

Wednesday       Ballet 

Thursday           Strength & Conditioning

Friday                 Stretch class 

Camp private lessons

Private lessons for camp will be scheduled next Wednesday, June 6, so please communicate with your primary coaches what you would like for your skater. 

Park City Ice Arena Summer Figure Skating Camp Schedule

June 11-15, 2018

12 & older OR Well-balanced Pre-Juvenile Free Skate or higher –RED GROUP

  • 7:00am National Dynamic warm-up
  • 7:30-8:15am FS 1
  • 8:15-8:45am TE class 
  • 9-10am off-ice (Ballet, Strength, Stretch)
  • 10:30-11:30am FS 2
  • 11:30-12:00pm PC class 
  • 12:00-12:30pm lunch
  • 12:30pm Done or optional Add-on

11 & under- BLUE GROUP

  • 8:15am National Dynamic Warm-up
  • 8:45-9:45am FS1
  • 9:45-10:15am TE class
  • 10:30-11:30am off-ice (Ballet, Strength, Stretch)
  • 11:30-12pm Lunch
  • 12:15-1pm FS 2
  • 1-1:30pm PC class 
  • 1:30pm done or optional Add-on

Optional Advanced Add-on M/T/TH/F:

  • 12:30-1:30pm/1:30-2pm Lecture (topics include: Sports Psychology, Nutrition, IJS, Injury prevention)
  • 2:15-3:15pm FS 3
  • 3:15-3:45pm Edge/power class

Exhibition Wednesday 2-4pm - skaters must sign up on Monday of camp.

Make sure you renew your membership!

All outstanding invoices must be paid, including drop-ins for club ice to be in good standing and eligible to compete and test.

USFS Membership must be current to be approved for testing and competitions.

All FSCPC members should be registered members of Intermountain Interclub

All local clubs are members of Intermountain Interclub Association. The IIA oversees the figure skating calendar in the area including test sessions. To receive the member rate for testing, your skater must be a member. Cost is $5 annually but will save you between $10-$20 per test and you will receive emails regarding upcoming IIA events, activities, test sessions, and competitions. 

In the future, IIA plans to have scholarships available as well as purchase an IJS mini-systems for our local clubs to utilize at competitions.

Summer group classes with FSCPC coaches

Group classes with our coaches will be held during freestyle sessions when the schedule is not affected by camps. All applicable admission fees for the ice must be paid to Park City Ice Arena. Classes are $5 each and must be paid directly to the coach. These classes are offered independently of Park City Ice Arena and questions should be directed to the coach teaching the class. 

Axels & Beginning doubles w/ Haley 8-8:20am

High Edges(Pre-Juv & up) w/ Chris


Triples w/ Tiffany


Low Edges (no-test - Prelim) w/ Chris


High Edges (Pre-Juv & up) w/ Chris


Low Spins w/ Tiffany


Low Group  w/ Stephanie 8-8:20am

Low Group w/ Haley 


Low Spins w/ Haley



Beginning Ice Dance w/ Chris 


High Group w/ Tiffany



High Group w/ Tiffany




Summer Off-ice Program Schedule

Off-ice Schedule 6/18-8/20 (except for camp weeks):


9:15-10:15am     High Off-ice class (Pre-Juv Well-Balanced through Senior)

9:15-10:15am    Ballet 1 with Joanne

4:30-6pm               Ballet 2 for skaters at Ballet West

5:25-6:10pm      DEVO Off-ice class (included with DEVO program)

Tuesday 9:15-10:15am     Strength & Conditioning
Wednesday  9:15-10:15am     Ballet 1.5 & 2 with Joanne
Thursday 9:15-10:15am     Strength & Conditioning 
Friday 6:30-7:30am        Off-ice Mental Toughness & Jumps 


* All summer off-ice programs are drop-in and require an off-ice punch pass or payment at the time of the class. 

Please contact Joanne Rupinskas with questions about ballet levels or class placement at  or (214) 674-1225.

Summer Figure Skating Freestyle Schedule

The ice schedule is available online at The schedule will vary with the different camps so be sure to check the schedule weekly.

Freestyle Schedule 6/18-8/22 (except for camp weeks):

Monday               6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am; 3:15-4:15pm; 4:15-5:15pm (w/ class)
Tuesday               6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am
Wednesday        6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am; 3:15-4:15pm; 4:15-5:15pm (w/ class)
Thursday             6-7am; 7-8am; 8-9am

Friday                   7:45-8:45am; 8:45-9:45am; 3:15-4:15pm; 4:15-5:15pm

Saturday             7-8am; 8-9am; 9-10am


Summer DEVO program with Off-ice

The Park City Ice Arena DEVO program piggy backs on the FSCPC's DEVO program and will continue through the summer. This program is for new figure skaters at the Basic Skills through Free skate levels.

Registration costs: $170

Dates: Mondays 6/18 through 8/20

Schedule: 4:15-4:45pm on-ice group class; 4:45-5:15pm on-ice practice; 5:20-6:05pm Off-ice class in the Party Room

Questions? Contact Erika Roberts at

Summer Synchro Skills Class

This summer program is for skaters who will be skating with Park City Icing during the 2018-2019 season or those who want to learn more about synchronized skating skills. Skaters will work on both individual and team skills during this 30 minute class.

Registration cost: $80

Dates: Wednesdays 6/20 through 8/22

Schedule: 4:15-4:45pm on-ice class 4:45-5:15pm practice time

Questions? Contact Erika Roberts at

Skate the Summit 2018 Results


Snowplow Sam: Aria McNeil - 2nd

Basic 2 : Ryder Wiliford - 1st, Edith McGowan Freer - 2nd , Isabel Broadhead - 3rd (PC LTS)

Basic 3 Group A: Alyssa Simonsen - 2nd, Madison Lampert - 3rd, Clara Ziegler - 6th (PC LTS)

Basic 3 Group B: Sydney Martin - 1st (PC LTS), Catherine Martin - 3rd (PC LTS)

Basic 4 Group A: Anastyn Knight - 2nd

Basic 4 Group B: Natalia Capote - 1st (PC LTS), Isla Eastman - 2nd (PC LTS), Scarlett Brinton - 3rd (PC LTS), Talia Walker - 4th

Basic 4 Boys: Ryder Armijo - 1st, Lucas Beghein - 2nd

Basic 6: Alex Griffiths - 1st

Freeskate 1: Sean Meeboer - 3rd, Marley Kobernick - 5th

Freeskate 3 Group A: Cat Greenberg - 1st, Teagan Grady - 3rd

Freeskate 3 Group B: Hope Thomas - 1st, Zoey Ayers - 3rd, Molly Grace Galvin - 4th

No Test Freeskate: Daisy Stone - 1st, Meskele Allison - 2nd, Emma Beghein - 3rd

Pre-Preliminary: Camille Sibley - 1st, Autumn Boyd - 2nd, Lilia Stein - 3rd, Vanessa Bradfield - 4th, Abi Ploof - 6th

Preliminary Freeskate: Trevor Meeboer - 1st, Awstyn Knight - 2nd, Eva Biskup - 3rd, Nick Johnstone - 4th

Showcase Duets

FS 1-6 Duets: Anastyn Knight and Sean Meeboer - 1st

PrePreliminarty/Preliminary : Awstyn and Trevor - 1st, Autumn and Lilia - 2nd , Camille and Abi - 3rd

Showcase Light

Freeskate 1-6 Group A: Sean Meeboer - 1st, Cat Greenberg - 2nd

Freeskate 1-6 Group B: Teagan Grady - 1st

No Test/PrePre: Autumn Boyd - 2nd, Lilia Stein - 4th

Preliminary: Trevor Meeboer - 1st, Awstyn Knight - 2nd

Dramatic Showcase

No Test/PrePreliminary: Meskele Allison - 1st, Autumn Boyd - 2nd

Preliminary : Trevor Meeboer - 1st, Awstyn Knight - 2nd

Freeskate 1-6: Teagan Grady - 1st

Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational Results 2018

Intermediate Ladies

Freeskate Final Round Brynn Roberts 1st

Freeskate Group B Qualifying Round: Brynn Roberts 1st* Maddie Stinson 8th

Short Program Group A: Brynn Roberts 2nd Short Program Group B: Maddie Stinson 9th

Juvenile Girls

Freeskate Final Round Hannah Baldwin 5th

Qualifying Round Group B Hannah Baldwin 4th* Short Program: Hannah Baldwin 14th

Pattern Dance: Elsa Futch 15th

Combined Pattern Dance: Elsa Futch 11th

Free Dance Elsa Futch 9th

Overall Elsa Futch 10th

May Test Results

Pre-Preliminary Moves- Hope Thomas
Preliminary Free Skate- Stella Greenberg
Pre-Juvenile Moves- Sophia Mondschein

Our newest Gold Medalist, Reny Doyle!

Congratulations to Reny Doyle for passing her Senior Free Skate test!

Spring Banquet Recap

Congratulations to all of our amazing athletes, coaches, volunteers and parents who make our club amazing. Thank you to the parents and coaches who made the banquet beautiful and special. A special thank you to Lisa Stein for the amazing video slideshow of our year. The video is on  our Facebook page and can be found here.

Gold Medalists:

Reny Doyle - Senior Free Skate, Anna Gready, Zoe Hopper, Hailey Hultberg - Senior Moves in the Field

YSA Circle of Excellence nominees:

Champion Award: Morgan Heavrin

All-Star Award: Hannah Baldwin, Sam Bray, Annika Futch, Andee Lyons, Brynn Roberts

Leadership Award: FSCPC Junior Board

Showstopper Award: Hadley Miles

Axel Roses:

Abi Ploof, Sophia Mondschein, Daisy Stone, Lilia Stein, Shelby Oraskovich, Autumn Boyd, Nick Johnstone, Sunny Winans, Allison Coffee, Emma Beghein, and Shannon Coffee

Double Axel Roses:

Morgan Heavrin, Andee Lyons, Brynn Roberts, Sophia Domonoske, Nathalie Seckinger

Club Awards:

Outstanding Skater - Basic Skills - Abi Ploof

Outstanding Skater - Low Test - Awstyn Knight

Outstanding Skater - High Test - Brynn Roberts

Hardest Worker- Chloe Taurel

Spirit Award- Hadley Miles

Outstanding Volunteer - Taylor Knight

Outstanding Team Member - Preliminary - Abi Ploof

Outstanding Team Member - Juvenile - Chloe Taurel