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July 2018 Figure Skating Newsletter

By Erika Roberts, 07/08/18, 1:30PM MDT


Competition results, test results, summer program information, Basic Skating camp, membership renewal time

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Season!

The new USFS season began July 1st! Make sure your membership is current!

The USFS membership season ended June 30th. 2018-2019 began July 1st! You must be current to test and/or compete in July.

Always check the live ice schedule for Park City Ice Arena online!

Remember to always consult the live schedule at for the most up to date schedule. Due to hockey camps and other special events, the ice schedule and off-ice class schedule will vary from week to week.

It's a good idea to confirm lesson and class times with your coaches as well. 

Basic Skating Camp

July 30 - August 3

Hours: 9am - 12pm

This camp is appropriate for DEVO skaters as well as basic skills skaters. We will divide the skaters into groups based on level. Skaters at least 4 years of age and of all levels are welcome as long as they have taken group skating classes, private lessons or skate regularly on their own and can skate comfortably without assistance. This camp has a recreational focus.

Fees: $190, the price increases on July 16 to $210.

Camp fees include:
* On-ice classes
* Practice sessions daily
* Daily off-ice activities

Results from Icefest - May 30th-June 3rd - Seattle, WA

Free Skate

Novice Combined Overall (11 skaters): Sophia Domonoske 4th

Novice: Sophia Domonoske 4th

Novice Short Program: Sophia Domonoske 4th

Intermediate Combined Overall (27 skaters): Sam Bray 1st, Andee Lyons 7th, Anna Gready 16th

Intermediate Ladies : Sam Bray 2nd, Andee Lyons 9th, Anna Gready 14th Intermediate Ladies Short: Sam Bray 1st, Andee Lyons 3rd, Anna Gready 14th

Preliminary Boys (7 skaters): Trevor Meeboer 3rd, Nick Johnstone 7th

National Solo Dance Series Combined Event

Junior: Sophia Domonoske 1st

Juvenile: Nick Johnstone 11th

Pattern Dance

Pre-Gold: Sophia Domonoske 3rd Bronze: Nick Johnstone 7th

Showcase Light

Preliminary/Pre-Juv: Trevor Meeboer 2nd

Showcase Dramatic

Preliminary: Trevor Meeboer 1st

June Test Results

Icefest - Seattle, WA

Anna Gready - Intermediate Free Skate

Skatefest - CPFSC

Senior Moves- Andee Lyons, Nathalie Seckinger

Erin Krentz- Rhythm Blues, Preliminary Dance Test, Cha Cha

Amelie Stein- Willow Waltz, Hickory Hoedown

Anna Gready- Willow Waltz

Lucie Kusner- Ten Fox, Bronze dance test 

Intermediate Free Skate- Nathalie Seckinger 

Preliminary Free Skate- Elsa Futch, Rachel Seckinger, Eva Biskup

Pre-Preliminary Free Skate- Autumn Boyd, Lilia Stein 

Broadmoor Open - Colorado Springs, CO

Zoe Hopper -Novice Free Skate

Big Congrats to our first Gold Medalists of the season!

Way to go, Nathalie and Andee! Congratulations on passing your Senior Moves in the Field!

Skatefest Results

June 7-9, 2018

Salt Lake City, UT


Novice (8 skaters): Sophia Domonoske 4th

Novice Short: Sophia Domonoske 3rd

Intermediate (12 Skaters): Brynn Roberts 1st, Andee Lyons 3rd, Nathalie Seckinger 6th, Chloe Taurel 7th, Anna Gready 10th, Maddie Stinson 11th

Intermediate Short: Brynn Roberts 1st, Andee Lyons 4th, Hannah Baldwin 5th, Chloe Taurel 7th, Anna Gready 8th, Nathalie Seckinger 9th, Maddie Stinson 11th

Juvenile: Hannah Baldwin 1st Pre-Juvenile : Kate Pressgrove 2nd, Amelie Stein 4th

Preliminary Group A: Trevor Meeboer 1st, Nick Johnstone 3rd

Preliminary Group B: Eva Biskup 2nd, Awstyn Knight 3rd, Stella Greenberg 6th

Preliminary Group C: Rachel Seckinger 1st, Elsa Futch 3rd, Vanessa Bradfield 6th

Pre-Preliminary Group A: Lilia Stein 2nd, Autumn Boyd 3rd, Abi Ploof 5th

Pre-Preliminary Group B: Camille Sibley 1st

Free Skate 3 Group A: Cat Greenberg 1st, Teagan Grady 2nd

Free Skate 3 Group B Zoey Ayers 3rd

Free Skate 1 Group C: Sean Meeboer 1st

Basic 4: Anastyn Knight 5th

Basic 3 Group B: Madison Lambert 1st

National Solo Dance Series

Pre-Gold Pattern Dance: Sophia Domonoske 2nd

Pre-Silver Pattern Dance: Annika Futch 1st Bronze Pattern Dance: Nick Johnstone 9th, Elsa Futch 10th

Juvenile Combined Event: Nick Johnstone 10th, Elsa Futch 12th

Intermediate Combined Event: Annika Futch 5th

Junior Combined Event: Sophia Domonoske 1st

Showcase Dramatic

Pre-Juvenile: Kate Pressgrove 2nd

Preliminary: Awstyn Knight 2nd

Preliminary Boys: Trevor Meeboer 2nd Pre-Preliminary: Autumn Boyd 2nd, Lilia Stein 4th

Freeskate 1-6: Teagan Grady 4th

Showcase Light

Pre-Juvenile: Kate Pressgrove 1st

Preliminary Boys: Trevor Meeboer 2nd

Preliminary: Rachel Seckinger 2nd, Awstyn Knight 3rd

Pre-Preliminary: Autumn Boyd 1st, Lilia Stein 5th Freeskate 1-6 : Teagan Grady 2nd, Sean Meeboer 3rd

Showcase Duets

Pre-preliminary-Preliminary: Awstyn Knight & Trevor Meeboer 1st, Autumn Boyd & Lilia Stein 2nd, Abi Ploof & Camille Sibley 5th Freeskate 1-6: Anastyn Knight & Sean Meeboer 1st


Pre-Preliminary : Lilia Stein 2nd

Juvenile: Amelie Stein 1st


Pre-Preliminary: Lilia Stein 2nd

Pre-Juvenile: Amelie Stein 1st

Broadmoor Open Results -June 20th-23rd- Colorado Springs, CO

Free Skate

Juvenile Girls Qualifying Group B
Hannah Baldwin 2nd*

Intermediate Ladies Qualifying 
Group A
Chloe Taurel 12th

Group C
Andee Lyons 4th*
Maddie Stinson 8th

Group D
Sam Bray 3rd*
Nathalie Seckinger 8th

Novice Ladies Qualifying Group 
Zoe Hopper 11th
Sophia Domonoske 12th

*qualified for final rounds

Intermediate Final Round Short Program
Sam Bray 3rd
Andee Lyons 10th

Intermediate Final Round Combined (19 skaters)
Sam Bray 6th
Andee Lyons 18th

Juvenile Final Round (12 skaters)
Hannah Baldwin 8th

Preliminary Boys Free Skate
Trevor Meeboer 2nd

Preliminary Girls Free Skate Group C
Rachel Seckinger 6th

Juvenile Short Program ONLY
Group B
Hannah Baldwin 6th

Intermediate Short Program ONLY
Group A
Maddie Stinson 13th

Group B
Andee Lyons 3rd 
Nathalie Seckinger 5th

Group C
Chloe Taurel 11th

Group D
Sam Bray 3rd

Novice Ladies Short Program ONLY
Group A
Zoe Hopper 5th

Group B
Sophia Domonoske 8th

Preliminary Boys 
Trevor Meeboer 1st

Juvenile Girls Group A
Hannah Baldwin 3rd

Intermediate Group A
Andee Lyons 1st

Zoe Hopper 3rd
Sophia Domonoske 5th

Preliminary Dramatic
Trevor Meeboer 1st

Preliminary Light
Rachel Seckinger 1st
Trevor Meeboer 2nd

Pre-Juvenile Boys
Trevor Meeboer 3rd

Hannah Baldwin 1st

Sophia Domonoske 2nd
Zoe Hopper 5th

Lake Placid Figure Skating Championships Results

June 27-29, 2018

Lake Placid, New York

Qualifying results:

Intermediate Ladies Short Group H
Brynn Roberts 2nd*

Intermediate Ladies Free Skate Group A
Brynn Roberts 2nd*

*qualified for final rounds

Compulsory Moves
Camille Sibley 4th

Preliminary Group A
Abi Ploof 4th

Free Skate
Pre-Preliminary Group A
Abi Ploof 5th

Pre-Preliminary Group C
Camille Sibley 6th

Final Rounds
Intermediate Free Skate (18 skaters)
Brynn Roberts 5th

Intermediate Short Program (24 skaters)
Brynn Roberts 6th

Star Spangled Skate Results

June 28-20, 2018

Everett, WA

National Solo Dance Series
Junior Combined 
Sophia Domonoske 1st

Nick Johnstone 8th

Pattern Dance
Sophia Domonoske 3rd

Nick Johnstone 7th

Thank you to Park City Ice Arena for a successful training camp!

We appreciate the expertise and opportunities provided to our athletes. From Technical Elements classes to Program Components classes to power skating, sports psychology, nutrition, injury prevention, and IJS rule changes, our athletes are lucky to be exposed to such knowledge!

Thank you to coaches, Emerson Alvarez, Stephanie Bass, Angie Fishler, Tiffany McNeil, Chris Obzansky, Erika Roberts, Joanne Rupinskas, Haley Smith, and Stewart Sturgeon.

Special thanks to Technical Specialist, Rachel Peterson, as well as our guest lecturers, Angie Fishler (IJS), Pamela Lemons (Sports Psychology), Liz Black Blike (LiVewell Nutrition), and Ania Biskup (Physical Therpist)!