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Club Ice

Club FREESTYLE vs. RINK Freestyle vs. Public Skate

Please see the comparison table below for details.


Club Ice is reserved and purchased by the Figure Skating Club of Park City.  The purpose of Club Ice is to give our skaters more desirable practice times.  If we don't reserve these times and pre-purchase the ice, it will be purchased by other ice sports.  Club ice can be purchased by FSCPC members in a package or punch card.

  1. Club Ice Package
    • Enrolls a skater into a weekly 30 minute session and guarantees the skater a spot in that session every week.
    • If a skater is more than 5 minutes late to club ice, they must contact the ice monitor to keep their spot reserved.
    • Skaters may not get on club before their session starts.
    • Club Ice sessions can fill up; for safety reasons we have a 25* skater limit. 
  2. Club Ice Punch Card
    • Allows a skater to drop-in on any 30 minute club ice session with fewer than 25* skaters.
    • Spot in a session is not guaranteed.  Spots are first come first serve. 
    • Unused punches will roll over during the skating year.
    • Punches will be tracked electronically by an ice monitor.
    • Contact the club ice monitor, NOT the ice arena, to see if a club ice session is full.

*If a skater WITH a scheduled lesson does not get into a club ice session due to full capacity, that skater may use a punch and be on the ice for the duration of their lesson.  When their lesson is over, they must leave the ice regardless of whether or not the session is over. 

Rink Freestyle

Rink Freestyle is owned by the ice rink.  Skaters purchase freestyle ice directly from the ice rink.  Skaters may purchase punch cards for 10, 1 hour freestyle sessions or pay per session drop in.  Skaters may also purchase season passes to rink freestyles which gives a skater access to ALL rink freestyles.  Rink freestyle season passes do NOT include Club Freestyles.

publice skate ice

Public Skate Ice is owned by the ice rink.  Skaters purchase public skate ice directly from the ice rink.  Skaters may purchase punch cards for 10 sessions of public skate ice or pay per session drop in.  1 punch allows a skater to skate the entire public skate session regardless of how long the session lasts.

Club Freestyle Rink Freestyle Public Skate
Who owns the ice time? FSCPC Park City Park City Ice Arena Park City Ice Arena
Who can skate? FSCPC Members** Figure Skaters or Hockey players without sticks/pucks Anyone without sticks/pucks
Session Length 30 minutes 1 hour Variable
Cost $4 club ice session; $6 with club ice 20 punch; $8 with club ice 10 punch $7.00 with freestyle 10 punch; $8 for drop in $5.40 with public skate 10 punch; $6 for drop in
Can music be played? Yes Yes No
Private Lessons allowed? Yes Yes Yes
Group Lessons allowed? Yes Yes Up to 3 skaters max
Fishing Pole / Jump Harness Allowed? Yes Yes No
Skater Limit 25* 25 (if most skaters are low level 30) 400
Stick & Pucks allowed No No No
**NON-CLUB Skaters

Non-Club skater visiting from out of town may skate on club ice with the following stipulations:

  • Each club ice session costs $10.  Only cash or check is accepted.
  • Visiting skaters must have a current USFSA membership  OR must download and complete the non-USFSA member waiver of liability.  A physical or digital USFSA card OR completed waiver must be presented before skating.
  • FSCPC punch card skaters come BEFORE out of town skaters,  FSCPC skaters have 5 minutes past the start of the session to claim their spot.
  • A skater visiting on a regular basis from Salt Lake area does not constitute an 'out of town' skater.  This skater must become an associate member and purchase club ice sessions or a punch pass.  The only exception to this is if the skater's home rink has been closed for maintenance.