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We are very excited to announce that this year's spring show theme will be School of Enchantment!   Bookmark this page for all Spring Show info!

Tryout Details

  • Tryouts are ONLY for skaters who are new to the club or who did not try out for the show last year.  
  • In most cases, skaters who were cast in last year's show will keep the same part. Some parts may be adjusted due to skaters not returning/adjustments to the script.
  • Tryouts will be done by video submission
  • Please wear all black
  • Skaters are allowed to bring and use props for their try out video
  • Please do not register if you cannot attend all show rehearsals and productions.  
  • The show directors will be casting lots of small group numbers, along with duets, trios, solos and a few other special parts that skaters of all levels will be considered for.
  • Skaters must choose one of the four tryout songs and choreograph their own program. No help from coaches is allowed. 
  • Music can be found and downloaded from this page (to the right)
  • Judges will score each skater based on various factors. While skating skills will be considered, judges really want to see skaters perform for entertainment value and "wow factor".
  • Email tryout videos to coach Haley at
  • Aspire/Devo skaters do not need to submit a tryout video
  • All skaters wanting to participate in this year's show must register (registration opening  week of 2/1), whether they tried out last year or this year.


  • Week of February 1st - Registration opens. All skaters (new and returning) must register
  • Sunday, February 21 - Tryout videos due and registration closes
  • Sunday, February 28 - Final parts will be announced for new and returning skaters
  • Rehearsals
    • Wednesdays - 4/14 & 4/21 3:45-5:15pm
    • Thursdays - 4/15 &  4/22 4:45-615pm
    • Technical Rehearsal - Wednesday 4/28 3:45-4:15pm
    • Dress Rehearsal - Thursday 4/29 4:15-6:45pm
  • Performances 
    • Friday 4/30 7pm
    • Saturday 5/1 4pm

Show Fees

  • Full Club Members: $120 show fee / $50 costume fee ($50 due now, $120 due April 10)
  • Aspire/Devo Members: $20 show fee / $30 costume fee ($25 due now, $25 due April 10)
  • This year's show fee includes an all-access livestream link to give to friends and family + 1 live ticket ($35 value)

Spring Show Audition Music