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Holiday Show - Skater Info

Holiday Show Details

  • Date: December 9th
  • Show Time: 4:30 pm
  • Cosmic Skate Immediately After Show

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is eligible to Participate in the HOLIDAY show?

ALL club members (full, Aspire, introductory, and associate) are eligible to perform in the holiday show!

is there a fee to participate in the show?

No. Entry fee is included in the cost of membership for Full, Introductory, and Aspire members -- there is no additional registration fee for you. Associate members will be invoiced a $20 registration fee.

how does this work for my skater in aspire?

Aspire members can choose to participate in a group number or a solo/duo/trio. Aspire members that would like to perform in the group number do not need to register for the holiday show separately. Aspire members that choose to participate in a solo/duo/trio need to register for the holiday show and arrange private lessons.

how many numbers can my skater perform in?

Skaters may perform in ONE program.

  • Option 1: I am an Aspire member and I want to skate in the Aspire program holiday group number (there will be 3 different numbers divided by age and level). This will be taught during the Monday Aspire program time and will be no additional cost to you if you are already registered for the program. Costumes needs will be communicated by Erika, the Aspire Liaison.
  • Option 2I want to do a small group number (2 -6 skaters). I will be responsible for the purchase of my own costume and for the scheduling and payment for private lessons with coaches and other skaters in the group. One group member will register for everyone in the group. You will need all skaters names, the music selection and artist.
  • Option 3I want to do a solo. I will be responsible for the purchase of my own costume and the scheduling and payment of private lessons with coaches. You will need the music selection and artist.

How does my skater choose a song?

Song picks are first come first served!  Check the song list at the bottom of this page to see the most up to date song list in use for the show.  If you see a song claimed by another skater(s), please don't choose the same song.  You will be asked to choose a new song.

solo? duet? trio? Group? What's the deal?

Have fun with your friends! Create a group and choose a song. Group skating is a really fun break from the competition season, and group skating is highly encouraged. Groups do not need to all skate at the same competitive level.

how do I register for the show?

  • Aspire members choosing to do the Aspire group program will each register to participate in the group
  • Skaters choosing to do a solo will register to secure their song choice
  • Skaters choosing to skate in small group: only one registration per group is required! Choose someone in your group (or a parent of someone in your group) to log in and register as soon as registration opens. 

Holiday Show Sign Up

Opens 7 pm, Nov 1st

Show Date: Saturday, December 9th
Show Time: 4:30 pm

Rehearsal Schedule: Saturday, December 9th

3:00-3:30 all club members learn closing number
3:30-3:40 Aspire members warm up
3:40-3:55 pre pre moves passed to juvenile moves
3:55-4:10 intermediate moves + (high warm up)
4:10-4:30 ice make


Did Someone Else Choose My Song?

Check the Holiday Show Song list below for information on songs and groups that have already been registered!