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Digital Rink Music System

What is Rink Music?

The RinkMusic system is a digital music and queueing system.   Each skater and coach has music stored digitally on the RinkMusic system cloud.  When a skater's or coach's RinkMusic keytag is presented to the rinkside console, the music program will immediately be loaded for playback over the rink sound system. If another music program is currently playing, the new music program will be placed in the music queue. The skater’s name will be announced alerting them when their music is about to play. This is all done automatically starting with the swipe of a RinkMusic keytag.

Rink Music Console Instructions

Console Operation Overview

The RinkMusic Console is used by the skater to:

  • List and Select their programs
  • Adjust the song volume level
  • Display the skater's place in the playback queue
  • Remove a skater's song from the queue.

Skater Selecting a Song

  1. To select a song for the playback, the skater presents their keytag to the RFID reader.
  2. The skater's programs will be displayed on the LCD.  If the skater has only one song, it will play immediately or be queued immediately.
  3. The skater uses the Up or Down key to scroll to the program they wish to select.  For a skater with many programs, the Left and Right keys perform the Page Down and Page Up function to quickly navigate to the desired program.
  4. Once the desired program is highlighted, the skater presents their keytag a second time to the RFID reader.  The song is now queued for play.

Coach Keytag Operation

A coach can bump their students ahead in the queue or play their own music.

  1. A coach presents their keytag
  2. A menu will display 1) Bump Skater, 2) Play Song
  3. Present a skater's keytag now for the skater to select their song and be bumped ahead in the queue.
  4. Or, a coach can select "Play Song", present their keytag again, then select the song to play.

Removing a Song from the Queue

To remove a song from the queue before it is played, a skater needs to:

  1. Present their keytag to the RFID reader
  2. When their queue position is displayed, press the Up key
  3. The LCD will display "To Cancel Song Present Tag"
  4. Present the keytag a second time to delete the song from the queue.
  5. LCD will display "Song Cancelled"

Special Function Keytags 

The following keytags reside next to the rink console and are labeled according to their functions:

  • Pause - This keytag will pause the queue playback after the current song finishes.
  • Resume - This keytag will resume queue playback.
  • Insert CD - This keytag will create a place in the queue, which when it executes, will announce "Insert CD now" and wait for someone to play a CD.  Someone must present the Resume keytag after to resume normal playback.  Use for Visiting Skaters only.
  • Flush Queue - This keytag will empty the queue after current song finishes (use if zamboni is coming out or if queue exists from previous freestyle session).

Setup Steps

  1. Create your Rink Music account.
  2. Upload your digital music files (.mp3, .m4a)
  3. Obtain your physical keycard from your coach.

Rink Music Costs

  • 1st keytag free with Full Club Membership
  • Replacement keytag (lost): $10
  • Visiting coach keytag: $60
  • RinkMusic account: $10/year (5 songs)

Rink Music Console

Adjusting Song Volume Level

A skater/coach can adjust the song volume by touching the Up or Down keys while the song is playing.  The final volume setting for that song is saved.  The next time that song is played, the volume level will be the same saved value.

Checking queue position

If there are skaters in the queue, the LCD will display the next 3 skaters unless a skater is using the console to select their music.  If a skater's position is in the queue is greater than 3rd, they can check their position by presenting their keytag to the RFID reader.  Their position will be displayed with the two skaters before them.

Terminating a Song

A skater can terminate their song early by presenting their keytag while their song is playing.