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The ASPIRE Program

The ASPIRE Program - Figure Skating Development

Your child loves figure skating.  He or she is progressing beyond  Park City Ice Arena's Skating  Academy or is ready for a bigger commitment and is interested in competitions, testing and/or shows.  What's next?  Become an Aspire member of the Figure Skating Club of Park City and register for the ASPIRE PROGRAM - our developmental program within the Figure Skating Club of Park City.  

What is ASPIRE?

  • An invitational program offered by Figure Skating Club of Park City to help transition skaters from Skating Academy to the Figure Skating Club.  
  • Fundamentals of skating and skating etiquette are offered in this program.
  • Program time and day may vary.  Check the club calendar for most recent program times.
  • The on-ice program includes group instruction, taught by our coaches (rotates weekly).  The on-ice program will run September through December and January through May.


  • Aspire membership fees are $50 per year.   This fee covers the skater's USFSA ASPIRE membership (required for competition and to skate on FSCPC club ice, programs, clinics, and shows).
  • The Aspire membership does NOT include a Rink Music Keycard. If an Aspire member has program music, they can purchase a keycard for $10 (payable to FSCPC via Venmo or Zelle) from Erika to upload their music digitally.

Why should I join THE CLUB?

  • Joining as an Aspire Member of the FSCPC is a great way for a new skater to progress in Figure Skating and experience the benefits of club membership at a reduced cost.  See Member Benefits.
  • Aspire members are invited to participate in the club's Holiday Show and Spring Show.  
  • Aspire members are only required to raise $25 in fundraising for the club.
  • Aspire members are encouraged but are not required to volunteer for the club.

Private Lessons

  • Why does my child need private lessons?  Private lessons allow skaters to progress more rapidly.  Private lessons are necessary for competition and testing.
  • How many lessons? New and younger skaters typically receive one 20-30 minute lesson per week
  • How do I select a coach? Have your child take a lesson with a number of coaches and see  which one clicks with your child.  Rates vary per instructor, but generally you can expect to pay  between $30-$40 per half hour of instruction.   At the entry level, you may also wish to consider pairing your child with another skater or two to make it more affordable and more fun for the  child!
  • How do I pay the coach?  Coaches are private contractors and payment is made directly to the coach. In addition, you must pay for the ice session, which is paid either through the Park City Ice Arena if skating during ice arena freestyle or public skate time or the FSC if skating during contracted club ice. 

What to bring to lessons

  • Water Bottle
  • Tissues
  • Notebook
  • Skaters usually bring these items in a small tote bag that remains on the boards during practice time.  Many skaters have a Skating Tote bag for their personal items.


For every thirty minutes of instruction your child will need to practice for approximately one hour.  This, of course, is adjusted downward for very young children (3-5).

Skates and Blades

Once your child has entered the ASPIRE Program and private lessons, good boot and blade fit  are critical for safety and progress.  Check with our skating director, Erika Roberts, to purchase a  used pair or to order a new pair.   Erika is a highly qualified boot fitter.  New entry level boots and  blades cost approximately $150-$200.  Because children grow out of the skates before they  wear them out, it is common to sell them and purchase used ones as they grow.  

In addition to boots and blades, your skater will need plastic blade guards (to be used when walking around the rink) and soakers (to be used when storing and carrying skates in skate bag).  See the equipment links for common options.


  • No hooded sweatshirts
  • Hair pulled back tightly off face
  • Skating pants or Leggings (layered over tights); no baggy pants or ski pants
  • Skating dress (no tutus, costumes, constricting dresses)
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Helmet if necessary
  • No ski socks, tennis socks, etc.  Socks should be the weight and texture of tights and come up to mid shin.
  • Form fitting fleece jacket.  Our club jacket is available at Personaliteez


2023-24 Membership: $50 per year